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Saturday, May 05, 2012

5th Edition Pure Power Ranking (2nd revision)

Yesterday I let my hair down and ranked armies based upon how I feel about them - basing the rankings on the merits of the 5th edition codices (well designed versus poorly designed) and heavily weighted them on originality. Tonight I'll rank them on a purely a competitive basis. Again I'm not including any armies from White Dwarf (i.e., Sisters of Battle).

Top Tier I
Grey Knights

Top Tier II
Space Wolves, Necrons

2nd Tier
Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, Orks, Dark Eldar

3rd Tier
Space Marines, Chaos Daemons*

Bottom Tier
Dark Angels, Tyranids*, Chaos Space Marines

Left Behind
Tau*, Eldar, Black Templars*

* These can be competitive armies in the hands of the right generals. Of course that can be said about any army but I think these are better suited due to inherent intracies of their own rules. Black Templars are a direct throw back to 3rd edition Marines which should be evident to the veteran players.

All of the armies listed under the last category are relics from an older generation of rules.

It might interesting to some that I've listed Necrons as top tier for competitive play - this decision was based purely on my own gaming experience. I have changed the original ranking dropping IG from top tier to 2nd tier as I've found them very easy to beat with my Necrons.

I'm still kind of on the fence in regards to Blood Angels and bumped them to the second tier. I crushed a BA razorspam army yesterday with an unoptimized Necron army. Necrons have it easy demeching transports and those five man assault squads are not a big threat in melee versus dedicated enemy melee units.

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