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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My thoughts on the leaked 6th edition

Some of you might remember that GW leaked fifth edition rules prior to their official release—the pdf was well written and in line with what I would expect from GW... No typos, no grammatical errors, etc. On the other hand the 'leaked' sixth edition PDF looks like garbage in comparison... Lots of typos and lots of grammatical errors... It looks like it could have been written by an average teenager to me. The rules are extremely complex and very hard to follow.

What I want for sixth is a very tight set of rules that are well written plus easy to understand and apply. All this blah blah blah about how stale is 5th edition isn't going to change anything. We all know 6th will be released some time this year so don't get yer knickers all knotted. Oh and be very careful what you wish for... More complex invariably means more arguments and more time required to play. Fifth edition is the best yet and it fixed a lot of the problems with fourth edition. Hopefully sixth edition will be even better and address the problems we have found in fifth edition.

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