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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Current Thoughts on Tyranid Reserve Army

I had the opportunity to play in a local tournament yesterday and managed to place in the top three so I'm happy with the results. My army did very well versus Space Marines in general. One game all my reserves arrived on the second turn which I think is very hard for any opponent to handle-that game I was able to devastate the opponent mostly with shooting in a single turn and the Yrmgal genestealers were simply amazing combi charging two units and smashing them. I had one tough game that knocked me out of the top spot but still overall I fared well in that game. Based upon these results I am happy and feel that all the hard work involvimg frequent play testing is finally coming to fruitition.

There were was a total of four Tyranid armies there and I placed the highest of them all. There was another Tyranid army there using lots of reserves but it got bashed hard versus a very mobile shooty dark eldar army knocking it out of contention to place. Another Tyranid army using the classic Tervigon approach also was smashed by the same dark eldar army. The tournament was 1850 points so I dropped the Doom of Malan'tai from my list-he was definitely missed and I think he would have fared very well versus any of the Space Marine armies there. Space Wolves took first place and I didn't have the opportunity to fight that army but looking at the list I think I could have given it a good fight as my army is designed to beat Grey Knights and Space Wolves.

I'll be playing in another RTT next weekend and am setting my sights high. I was very happy with the results of how my army performed this weekend and the Tyrant was a welcome addition to my list. That is all for now.

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