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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Black Poisoned Claws

I was talking to my good buddy Hod over in Orlando this afternoon about his list and it seems we both have very similar philosophies in regards to playing Nidz - Hod is kicking butt as well.

There are certain units that are very expensive and can suck. The following immediately come to mind:

— Hive Tyrant (4 wounds, not an Eternal Warrior)
— Tryannofex (BS3)
— Carnifex

On the other hand there are very cheap units that can really kick the enemy right in their shards. These units are the gants... When in synapse range you have nothing to worry about and spreading synapse around is easy to do as well... Half of the units in my army provide synapse... One third of my units provide Shadow in the Warp.

Trygon Primes and genestealers are the top units, the true work horses of the army. Broodlords are so often overlooked but are a means of adding more HQ like characters to your army plus they cannot be singled out in shooting or melee - heck a Broodlord can drop enemy -1 Ld via the psychic power Aura of Despair and it stacks as well. Mix this in with Shadow in the Warp (SitW) and you can easily mess with the Grey Knights. Most Grey Knight units are Ld9 and can only cast one psychic power per turn - the combination of Aura and SitW really curbs their use of psychic powers... Even their Librarian will be hard pressed at times. Every time you successfully block an enemy psychic power is a win for the Hive Mind !

What's not to love about Tyranids? They live only to eat, breed and fight plus they have a plan for total domination. Everything will be eventually assimilated - resistance is futile ! Only the Tyranids have a real plan. What's not to love ?

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