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Sunday, October 30, 2011

BeakyCon Final Results

Golden Bracket
1st place - Alan Blakesborough, Grey Knights (Easley, SC)
2nd place - Brian Poole, Grey Knights (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Honorable Mention
Nick Aad (Miami, FL)
Max Rodriguez (Miami, FL)

Silver Bracket
1st place - Brad Bitler, Space Wolves (Miami, FL)
2nd place - Mike Miller, Orks (FL)

Best Army (Tie)
Chris Winnans - Blood Angels (Largo, FL)
Mason Martindale - Eldar (Naples, FL)

Players' Choice
Aaron Hagney - Tau (Naples, FL)

Thanks to everyone who came out and for all the fantastic support !! I'll be releasing a comprehensive tournament report later this week with lots of pictures.

Here is a special thanks to the following individuals for their support that above and beyond the call of duty:

— Matt Douthat (Clearwater, FL) - my right hand man... Couldn't have done it without him
— Harold Cowan (Brandenton, FL) - brought terrain for 12 tables
— Aaron Hagney (Naples, FL) - provided all the tournament documentation (big job and very well done)
— Chris Winans (Largo, FL) - helped us prepare all the tabletops
— James Caudill (Tampa, FL) - our local vendor (Anthem Games) who provided lots of excellent support
— Alex Aguila (Miami, FL) - brought seven other awesome players along with himself from the Miami area
— The wonderful staff at the Marriott

Many others also provided fantastic support which helped to ensure a great inaugural event. Thanks again to everyone who came out !!

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