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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Draigowing Xs & Os - MC Hammer Time

I have been playing lots and lots of highly competitive playtest games versus the armies that can kick my arse. It can be painful but I learn. Here are my thoughts on how to best design a GK TDA army:

Lord Khaldor Draigo - he isn't the man - he is a monster
I have heavily experimented with the generic Grand Master since he can tote a psycannon and serve as a grenade caddy. What I have learned is I don't need grenades and one more psycannon is not gonna win a game. Draigo can absorb the pain and dish it out. Paladins as a troop choice without having to use the Grand Strategy is grand indeed. I will be sticking with Draigo from now on.

Hammer Time
I like to run a squad of ten Paladins with three daemonhammers, four psycannons and a standard bearer. The hammers will beat down anything and are game winners. They are more powerful than grenades overall.

One warding stave can soak lots and lots of wounds in close combat. Everything else is cosmetic. A couple of swords are okay.

Super Psyker
Along with Draigo the Librarian is a must have unit for the army. The best casting powers are as follows:

Might of Titans
Warp Time

I rarely ever get to use Quicksilver or Warp Time but it is only ten points for the two and they can both be game winners versus certain armies.

Servo Skulls
I also like to kit my Librarian with two servo skulls. It takes some practice to use them effectively. The combination of servo skulls with Psychic Communion is extremely powerful. If nothing else servo skulls can bait your opponent into wasting one unit's movement phase.

Reinforced Aegis
Psyflemen are great at shooting as we all know but they can also cock block Psyker Battle Squads and Lash Princes. Keep one close to your Paladins as an ultimate psychic defense.

That is it for now. This article is based upon playing various armies designed to beat mine.

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