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Friday, September 23, 2011

Ard Boyz end of the road

Well I was pretty lucky this year as I enjoyed playing all six of my opponents. They were all very competitive games but still fun and very challenging. Mostly this post is just a shout out to all I played to say thanks for the games.

Ard Boyz takes more and more motivation to go and play. I think the system had an impact on 40k gaming in the US and I like to see more competitive systems so that is something good. On the flip side the missions for the semi finals left a lot to be desired for me... I just think it wouldn't take that much effort to do a better job in that regard. To me it seems like it is dying a slow death. The chance to win a 2500 point army of your choice seems to have a higher interest than playing for bragging rights in the last round. They used to give ya really cool patches and certificates... Not anymore. Maybe next year they can revitalize the system - that would be pretty darn awesome in my opinion.

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