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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Draigowing for Ard Boyz Semi Finals

I'll be bringing my Draigowing this weekend (of course). The store I'm playing at in Florida has lots and lots of players signed up so with only three rounds you can win all three games and still not make the top three. My army is not optimized to max scores for the missions so I will have to hope for a little luck. It's the army I want to play though and if nothing else it should be challenging and hopefully I will learn some more about how to optimize the army in general. The good thing for me is Draigowing scales up well at 2500 points and you can bring just about everything you want and feel you need. My favorite (only) aspect I enjoy about Ard Boyz is the opportunity to play at 2500 points. I think I'll see lots of mech lists for sure.

I'll post up my list after it's all over. I've made some fairly big changes to the list I brought to the preliminaries. The missions are kind of crazy so it should be interesting to say the least.

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