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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

YMDC and further comments regarding accusations of cheating

Well first I would like to say that it looks like Dakka Dakka's YMDC forum is back in good form and has returned to a level of respectibility that I feel comfortable with posting there again. Gwar! Is like a bad case of Herpes and seems to have gone dormant again... Thank Jebus for small miracles and hopefully he has received his last and final warning. The debacle that was his SW FAQ I found to be a complete farce. First I am in no way an advocate of RAW. in fact I will go so far as to say that I believe RAW is ruining the game. Here is a good example... the landraider redeemer comes with hellstorm cannons which are described as flamers but it's name states it's a cannon... Oh boy! So if you field Vulkan supposedly by RAW you cannot twinlink the hellstorm cannon. It is described in it's entry as a flamer and uses the template. It used as exactly the same as a flamer, albeit one Hell of a flamer... BUT and this is a big BUT, because it is named a cannon any RAW advocate will tell you it is indeed a cannon and not a flamer. It's most obviously not a cannon. The word cannon brings to mind a long barreled piece of artillery that lobs shells across the battlefield. Silly really when stop to think about it in my opinion.

Onto the next subject, I have been visiting the blog named Strictly Average on occasion to answer comments concerning two of my games that got a lot of coverage on 40k forums and blogs. I have already addressed my game with Nick Aad in the Ard Boyz semi finals played this past August so for now I'll simply leave it at that. Another game in which my character was called into question was against Adam Trike from Wyoming during a WC tournament held in Colorado Springs this past summer. Adam posted his battle reports from the tourney and went at great length to describe his game against me as simply his worst 40k experience ever. He lost because we played a fifth turn. There was less than ten minutes of regulation time left and he pleaded with the TO to play a fifth turn. He told me he just wanted to move some of his attack bikes and it would not affect the outcome of the game? Why play another turn? The TO said go ahead and play another turn. I killed his attack bikes and was able to take another objective for the win. If we had not played the fifth turn the game would have ended as a draw. During the game Adam used Dante's and Corbulo's powers to boost a unit of allied Grey Knights. This was clearly illegal as these two charcaters can only affect friendly Blood Angel units. Now Adam stated online that I cheated but here he was cheating himself. When questioned on it Adam stated that he was not aware he shouldn't have done that. So my question is how can we trust the statements from s person playing the same army when he himself does not thoroughly know the rules well? I was also told that Adam did not roll for the overcharged engines for his rhinos. This is hearsay but there it is. Adam denied this allegation. I'm not saying he did but it's worth noting. Adam also received the rock bottom worst scores of everyone there at that tournament for sportsmanship. Not good. My first game in that same tournament I spent a lot of time explaining the rules for Chaos daemons to a friend of Adam's that came to play. I could have played for the massacre but instead chose to play for a major victory instead so I could help my opponent learn his rules. Adam's friend described Adam as someone who is extremely competitive and ruins game play irregardless of whatever game it is they are playing. Adam got into a big argument at the end of the game prior to ours and I watched it all okay out. Adam kept arguing until the TO finally decided to roll a d6 to make the decision... He got the call and was able to win. Obviously thst colored my opinion of Adam and the same type of incident occurred during the end of our game but this time I got the call and won as a result. Adam said thst I was lying. I wasn't and I'll just leave it at that for now. I have buried the hatchet with Adam but that said I sure hope I don't ever have to play him again. All the things he said about me clearly applied to him. It's funny to me when a person cannot or will not see that they exhibit the same behaviour they are complaining about.


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