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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Khornate Daemonic Army (KDA)

About six to seven months ago I read a Fantasy novel entitled Blood for the Blood God. The main character was the Skulltaker and he was depicted as a mortal champion of Khorne, heavily enhanced though. The story is a tale of cold blooded revenge and I loved it. In fact I loved the story so much I was infused with the desire to create a pure Khorne daemon army. I am not a big fan of daemon armies thst feature units from the different gods and I also wanted to build an army that would have an excellent theme. The Skulltaker riding a juggernaught is my central character and he leads a large unit of Blood Crushers with another Herald that is his lieutenant. I used the new Fantasy Khorne Lord mounted on a juggernaught to represent the Skulltaker. All of my Crushers and Bloodletters are highly converted... Brandon Palmer from GMM Studios was commissioned to paint the army and he did an amazing job! I will have to say this is by far my favorite army yet.

Funny things on the Internet... You know that whatever you say there will always be at least one person that will want to throw cold water on your heart's desire. Case in point... There is general consenus that daemons are weak versus mech but in reality you can build an army that easily counters mech. I have a Bloodthirster (beautiful model from the nice folks up in Canada from Ultraforge) and two Grinders both with tongue and phleghm to deal with mech. Tongue is basically a 24" railgun and it wrecks rhinos very efficiently. That's why I take two Grinders and typically drop them on the same wave... You start popping those CSM rhinos and your opponent is going to have some problems.

Another Internet myth is that Crushers are screwed when charged by walkers. First no one can say that a walker is guaranteed to charge the Crushers. They move at exactly the same speed! What I have found is that my opponents are afraid of my Thirster and two Grinders... But if they do indeed charge my Crushers I have a Herald with Unholy Might and Fury... He is S7 on the charge and auto pens AV12 whenever he rends irregardless of who charges. I also have a Crusher in the squad with Fury and he pens 67% of the time when he rends if he is charged. Statisically it won't take more than two full turns for my Crushers to pop a walker and it could most certainly happen a whole sooner. My point here is that the Crushers are not my primary threat for walkers BUT they can deal with them AND it's great to see the look on my opponent's face when my Herald destroys their landraider... It does happen too!



Brent said...

It's good to hear another POV re: Daemons; I'm still going back and forth about the list I'm going to put together, but I'd pretty much given up on Soul Grinders.

I thought the Str 10 shot was useful until I realized it would miss half the time. Even the Str 8 will deviate, so I was planning on putting DP's in the Heavy Slots.

Any thoughts?


Green Blow Fly said...

Here are my thoughts on Soul Grinders and why I run two:

Except for the Grinders my army has no shooting. They are a very unique unit for daemons and they are much better than defilers, primarily due to AV13 and tongue. Sure they are only BS3 so if you take two one should hit each turn when they come in on the same wave. The blast does not count as ordnance so you can fire and the harvester. The harvester is annoying to your opponent and can do a few more much needed wounds so it's a great combination. Like I said in the blog tongue is brutal against rhinos and chimeras... It cracks them open so your daemons can rip apart whatever spills out. Yesterday in a game I had the following battle sequence versus CSM...

First Grinder destroys a rhino carrying eight Berzerkers and Lucius. Three Berzerkers die in the ensuing explosion. Second Grinder drops the pieplate and kills everyone else except the skull champion and Lucius. Finally the Bloodthirster charges them and it's over. If I didn't have the Grinders then the greater daemon would have had to charge the rhino and be assaulted the following turn. So obviously the dual Grinders made a huge difference.

Sure the Grinder can always be popped by melta but to di so means my opponent must move to within assault range of the rest of my army. Certainly I don't want to trade the Grinder for an MMAB so I keep them screened with my Bloodletters and Crushers.

Unless you go with Tzneetch then Grinders offer the best shooting if you are willing to invest the points. I would love to have three but two are fine. They are monsters. In close combat and the extra point of armor makes it very hard for power fists and thunder hammers to take them out. They also have a high number of attacks and can fleet... So you can't shoot that turn but all of a sudden they charge in to assist the greater daemon and swing the battle in your favor.

Your best alternative is a Nurgle Prince:
Wings, Iron Hide, Noxious Touch, Unholy Might & Cloud of Flies

This prince is just as good as a greater daemon and they sure cost the points. The Grinder is cheaper still quite fast with fleet and higy survivable in the right environment. I really like the Nurgle Prince and he is a lot better than the CSM version but he epic fail when it comes to shooting.

That what it all really comes down to... You really need some big guns in a daemon army. It's all just a matter of properly protecting them. You can run naked Grinders to save points but they are just not the same.

I hope that helps.