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Blood Vow

Happiness is success... (Buddha)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020




The slaves quickly scurried as the whips cut into their thin flesh slicing into bone. They cried collectively in abject terror as the pit masters goaded the hoard towards the open hole gapping like a fresh wound. "Dig!" they shouted lashing out again. Crying out in pain the mongrels gathered their picks descending into the darkness. Sparks flew as they struck something hard just beneath the gritty sand.

One of the pit masters rushed in pushing the slaves aside. Looking down the massive brute saw a huge Iron Maiden jutting up. Ancient rusted chains wrapped times around the lid bracing it tightly closed. The glyphs embossed upon the pitted iron seemed to move and made his brain felt like it burned. Wiping the fresh blood from his flaring nostrils the pit master looked back waving to his companions. "We’ve found it!"

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