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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Branded Part 3

Branded Part 3

"I am a World Eater, a member of the XII Legion." said the Space Marine. "To be more exact, I am a Librarian. My lot were looked down upon by our Primarch Angron. He tried many ways to kill me but here I lay intact having thwarted his every attempt. I was left to myself in this device, placing myself in stasis all this time. Angron and his warriors have an intense hatred of anything psychic as any manifestation however so slight, it triggers their Butchers’ Nails sending them into a state of uncontrollable bloody rage. In time I came to despise them as well - they lack any finesse and are ignoble creatures."

"My name is Vorias, I was Angron’s Chief Librarian. I’m certain he thinks me dead for no one should be able to survive the tortured confines of this hateful tomb... but he underestimated me. I thank you for freeing me from this devise of his." spoke the Librarian as he lifted himself up pulling himself free of the Iron Maiden. "You probably wonder to yourself how can I fathom your speech - it is the nature of some of my kind." He smiled again looking down upon the Archon now that he stood upright. "As I said I’m grateful to you for my release."

Forming a tight cordone around Drect her posse of Incubi clutched tightly at the long hilts of their glaives. Vorias watched their eyes glinting in the open sunlight as they stared at him intently. "We may have some use for you." replied the female Archon. "Do you feel so inclined to help us?"

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