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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Will Onslaught become the new Norm and Matched Play

I am wondering if Onslaught (3000 point games) will become the new standard for gaming. If we look at the increase in cost of the basic Intercessor as a rough metric for overall points increase it equates close to 120 percent. Surely monsters and tanks will increase even more in points. Going from 2k to 3k is 150 percent... so a difference of around 30 percent. This could easily be a stealth incentive enabling GeeDub to easily garner more sales.

I am liking the new mission format for matched play which is based upon NOVA and ITC. One Mission with a good number of variables (for example, which secondaries you select) makes it a lot easier for pickup games and removes the need for third party house rules. GeeDub should set the standard and dictate how we play.

Here are several secondaries you can choose from for the new matched played:

- Purge the Enemy - End game: 3 victory points for every character kill.
- No Mercy, No Respite - End Game: Tally of kill points.
- Shadow Operations - Investigate Sites: Progressive scoring: Score 3 points every time a unit from your army completes a task.
- Battlefield Supremacy - Progressive scoring: Score 2 points if you have presence in 3 table quarters.
- Warpcraft - Progressive scoring: Score 3 points every time you pass a "Warp Charge 4 psychic test.

Also the maximum points you can score for secondaries is capped.

It looks like the primary objective doesn't promote killing enemy units in like the ITC format. An army that plays well for "the four pillars" is an army that can take and hold 3 objective for most of the game. With 5 turns to score, that nets you 75 VP before scoring secondary. Assuming your opponent fully scores all of their 3 secondary objectives and has holds 1 objective all game, they will end up at 70 VP - a close loss.

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