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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Exterminatius Part Eight - Reckoning

Mordred fell his breathing come hard as he ran in hard pursuit of the Primus. His metal shod boot sole sang as they crushed stone stepping hard. He cleared his mind of everything except his quarry. Mordred could smell the fear emanating from the mutant. Unsheathing his axe he leapt across a vast chasm landing right behind his chosen.

A foul cry came from the swollen purple head as the Primus turned its empty black eyes gazing into his soul. He felt the hair on the back of his neck go stiff. A rush of sudden toxic psychic energy poured engulfing the Black Shield. Clutching at his runic bracelet he felt a golden warmth as the ancient bits of stone absorbed the warp poison. Mordred’s fangs descended as he ran his tongue over the razor sharp tips.

The axe struck down hard shearing a bony leg at the knee. Crying in pain the Primus squirmed as hot tears spilt from the black eyes. Mordred crushed more bone and grinding exposed nerves pressing down the boot sole harder.

"You are a fool." said the Primus. “My children come for you now. “You shall be devoured.” it smiled as it momentarily blotted out the intense pain.

Mordred thumbed the activation rune summoning the teleport homer. He frowned as he drove the axe into its skull splitting it in half. Visceral splat against the wall covering it in slick ichor.

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