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Friday, April 20, 2018


The Big FAQ - WTF

I am going to come on say I rate the FAQ at an F for ultimate fail and here is why.

1. Why did deep striking melee armies need a nerf? They have not won any major events. Not one.

2. The Rule of Three... well except if you can run squadrons. I have played against nine Earthshakers and it sucks a Big Root. This is not fair at all. Why does Guard get to break this rule ? I thought the BIG FAQ was supposed to be about parity but apparently not.

These are the two reasons why I rate the FAQ as a total fail. A lot of people in their pocket gave it a thumbs up but these are beta rules and if you are a TO I encourage you to seriously consider not using these half baked rules.

Don’t mindlessly accept this FAQ or it could get even worse.

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