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Friday, April 13, 2018

Space Marines - Hope and Tragedy

Black Blow Fly here to discuss Space Marines. Ultramarines were a dominant force when their codex first dropped lead by the return of their beloved Primarch Rouboute Guilliman but as more and more codices have been released their overall performance has continued to falter. While points were reduced for Primaris Space Marine units via Chapter Approved last year there’s some that feel it wasn’t enough and there should be a point reduction as well for the standard Marine. Personally I’d rather see the focus on the new Primaris Space Marine units and conducted an informal survey to see what players want, I’ll present the results here.

The biggest desire by far is a fairly costed transport so that Primaris Space Marines can be properly mechanized... currently the only option is the Repulsor, which while it is truly a powerful grav tank with an amazing array of deadly firepower, its a big chunk of points clocking in at well over 300 points. I feel like GW missed a golden opportunity with the release of 40k rules for the Termite earlier this week.

The next most popular request is for more individual options such as power fists for sergeants and special weapons or chainswords for certain units such Intercessors. A lot of players would also like to see a buff for Reivers such as an armor piercing (AP) value for their combat blades. I would like to see GW get rid of the Unwieldy rule which makes no sense to me - a sniper scout can pick off an enemy character across the battlefield but a hardened veteran can’t hit the broadside of a barn when he’s standing right beside it.

I do like the current strategems, relics and psychic powers for Space Marines in general, however that said I do feel that Primaris Space Marine characters should have full access to the various relics such the Teeth of Terra. Truly the old Marines covet their holy artifacts... heh.

Finally a new codex for Deathwatch is on the way and one rumor is the ability to mix various types of Primaris Space Marines in one unit - for example the combination of outflanking wieldy Aggressors and some Hellblasters would be quite tasty. It’s only a rumor so liberally apply salt.

So what’s your opinion of this matter? Do Space Marines already deserve a boost or are they fine as is?

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