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Monday, April 30, 2018

Assassin - Part 41 - Final Genesis

Orpheus felt the clubbed fists of the daemon gripping his black armor. His empty hand reaching for the hammer struck a blow against its exposed temple. The daemon smiled showing row upon row of exposed fangs filed into razor sharp serrated points. Locking his arms around its waist he threw it aside with an unstoppable energy. "The darkness is your ally but I was molded by it."

The daemon exposed his fists, long jagged claws extruded from its knuckles menacingly. Grasping a frost grenade from his belt Orpheus pushed in the pin activating it, so cold it burned to touch through the glove of grommeted mail. With dead precision the Templar released the firing pin and chucked the grenade across the chamber catching the daemon square in the chest. It exploded directly upon impact. Freezing ice spilled out soaking into the thick daemon hide. "Know what it feels like to be mortal." said Orpheus as he drew the hammer from the clutch. The daemon growled in anger as his corporeal form froze, it could no longer move staring straight ahead in silent rage.

Grasping the long hilt of the hammer with both fists Orpheus carefully lifted the head up above him. Taking a step forward he swung down catching the behemoth square across its icy coated head. The heavily radiated quicksilver flowed through the inner chamber filling the cavity in the head of the hammer. There was a blinding flash upon impact and the denizen of the warp was completely obliterated. Taking a slow cautious step back Orpheus now held the hilt straight across his chest plate looking down upon the ruin. He felt tired as his shoulders. The hammer was immensely heavy and he felt weak as his grip strained. Carefully he placed the weapon back in the catch and the locks automatically sealed it in place. Freed of its gravity Orpheus sat down upon his bunk to catch his breath. The frozen bits of the monster left upon the floor began to melt and dissipate until fnally there was no trace left.

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