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Sunday, February 04, 2018

8th edition Battle Report - Ultramarines vs. Dark Eldar (rematch)

I had a 2000 point game yesterday versus dark eldar. This was a rematch from the recent FLG league here in San Diego. I lost the original game.

Here’s my new army list featuring Ultramarines(Battlation), Eversor Assassin and Adeptus Custodes (Vanguard) -

++ Battalion Detachment (Imperium - Space Marines) ++

**Chapter Selection**

+ Fast Attack [236 pts] +

Inceptor Squad [236 pts]:
3x Inceptor
Inceptor Sergeant
-Plasma Exterminator

+ HQ [330 pts] +

Chief Librarian Tigurius [130 pts]
Null Zone - Might of Heroes - Smite - Veil of Time

Marneus Calgar [200 pts] /Warlord
-Terminator Armour

+ Troops [255 pts] +

Intercessor Squad [95 pts]
4x Intercessor
-Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Sergeant
-Power sword

IIntercessor Squad [95 pts]
4x Intercessor
-Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Sergeant
-Power sword

Scout Squad [65 pts]
Scout Sergeant
-Bolt pistol - Chainsword
3x Scout
Combat Knifes - Bolt Pistols
-Heavy Bolter

+ Heavy Support [198 pts] +

Hellblaster Squad [198 pts]
5x Hellblaster
Hellblaster Sergeant
-Plasma Incinerator

+ Elites [206 pts] +

Redemptor Dreadnought [206 pts]
-2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers
-Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon
-Icarus Rocket Pod
-Onslaught Gatling Cannon

++ Auxiliary Support Detachment (Imperium - Officio Assassinorum) ++

+ Elites [70 pts] +

Eversor Assassin [70 pts]

++ Vanguard Detachment (Imperium - Adeptus Custodes) ++

+ HQ [126 pts] +

Shield-Captain [126 pts]
-Eagle's Eye (Relic)
-Guardian Spear

+ Elites [575 pts] +

Allarus Custodians [264 pts]
3x Allarus Custodian
-Castellan Axe
-Ballista Grenade Launcher

Custodian Wardens [195 pts]
3x Warden
-Guardian Spear

Vexillus Praetor [116pts]
-Guardian Spear [12pts]
-Vexilla Defensor

1996 pts
8 CP

Secondary Objectives:
Old School
Head Hunter
Death by 1000 Cuts

Unfortunately I don’t have my opponent’s army list so here’s what I remember:



3x 5 man True Born Squads (3 Blasters each)

5 man Scourge Squad (Heat Lances)

20 man Wyche Squad

Several squads of Warriors

4x Venoms

Ravager (Dark Lances)

Secondary Objectives:
Old School
Head Hunter

ITC Mission 6 - Precious Cargo
Deployment 1 (Rulebook)

My opponent embarks all of the True Born, Archon and a Warrior squad in the Tantalus. He also place Lelith and the Wyches in the webway (deepstrike reserve).

I place the following units in deepstrike reserve:

Marneus Calgar
Shield Captain
Eversor Assassin
Allarus Custodians

I split the rest of my forces to guard the two objectives in my deployment zone:

-Group A
2x Intercessors

-Group B
Tiggy (deployed inside tower)
Praetor (deployed inside tower)
Hellblasters (deployed inside tower)
Redemptor (deployed behind tower)

Scouts make a ballsy move infiltrating into the central building.

My opponent wins the roll to go first (+1) and I fail to seize.

DE 1st Turn:

Archon and Warrior squad disembark into central building around 8” away from scouts. Lelith and the Wyches deep strike 9” from my Group A. I use Auspex scan to shoot the Wyches with an Intercessor squad killing two.

DE shooting strips some wounds from the Redemptor but the 5++ from the Vexilla help keep him at 8 wounds. The Warriors in the building manage to kill one scout.

Both Lelith and the Wyches fail their charge even with one reroll... a couple more Wyches drop to overwatch. The Archon and Warriors both make the charge into the scouts and wipe them out.

Hold 1 Objective (1)
Kill scout squad (1+1) First Strike
Recon (1)

Ultramarines 1st Turn:

Wardens and both Intercessor squads move up into rapid fire range of Lelith and the Wyches. Hellblasters move up into rapid fire range of the Tantalus. Redemptor comes around as well to Target Tantalus.

Eversor Assassin and Inceptors both drop by opponent’s primary objective which is guarded by the Scourges and a squad of Warriors. Marneus drops behind the Intercessors while the Shield Captain drops 9” away from Wyches and Lelith.

Tiggy casts MoH on Redemptor then smites Tantalus inflicting 3 mortal wounds.

Combined shooting from both Intercessor squads, Wardens, Calgar and the Shield Captain destroys the Wyches. Inceptors target the Scourges and destroy them. Redemptor and Hellblasters super charging bring the Tantalus down to 6 wounds.

Shield Captain makes the charge into Lelith - they trade some wounds but both stick. Both the Inceptor and Assassin make the charge into the Warriors. Only 3 Warriors survive since Assassin kills enough striking first so the Inceptors are out of range to strike. The Warriors pass their morale check. I am holding my opponent’s primary objective.

Hold 2 Objectives + Primary (3)
Kill 2 units (Wyches & Scourges) (2)
1st Strike (1)

Dark Eldar: 4
Ultramarines: 6

The game continued to the third turn then my opponent conceded with only a couple units left (Warrior squad and Venom). My dice were burning hot this game, getting all those first turn charges really put the dark kin on the back foot and they just couldn’t get back into the game.

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