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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Assassin - Part 34 - Final Chapter, Genesis

Assassin - Part 34 - Final Chapter, Genesis

The demoness uncoiled her whip and began to flick the tip at Orpheus causing sparks to fly as the burning tip cut into his black armor. Twisting his arms into an interlocking figure eight the Templar drove his chainswords straight at her face revving the well oiled gears. She leapt aside leaving the flaming pit while casting a backhanded swipe with the Hellblade. Orpheus caught the sudden strike between the crossed chainswords. His weapons whined as he increased their torque sliding the activation runes up a notch. Cursing in anger the demoness spit boiling blood towards the visor of his helmet to blind him but he turned his head aside avoiding the sneak attack.

The ground shook as a barrage of mortar shells targeting the ruins struck hard. Disengaging the daemon ran up the closest wall to avoid the jarring vibration. Orpheus dropped to a bent knee to main balance keeping his eyes fixed upon the enemy. Again she lashed out with her whip. This time she flicked the cord skipping the tip over his outstretched chainswords. It struck his helmet carving it in twain as it split in half and fell away. She laughed again as she withdrew the coil charging back straight into combat. Orpheus calmly turned a wrist firing a micro fragmentation grenade at her point blank. The miniature bomb exploded in a shower of burning shrapnel stitching into the daemon’s exposed flesh. She howled in surprise as Orpheus rose up swinging his swords in loping figure eights. Spinning about like a mad dervish the demoness danced through the sudden attack as she sailed aside deftly avoiding every counter strike. The Templar watched in silence as he watched her flesh reknit itself closing the many wounds just taken.

Orpheus dropped his guard and head butted his adversary. Both skulls cracked hard against each other and the Templar saw black spots forming before his eyes. He shook his head and gulped at the freezing air sucking in fresh oxygen... then he felt her steel grip grabbing him by his exposed collar like a steel vise. The demoness flung him across the chamber with a surprising show of strength. Orpheus’ chainswords rattled as he flew through the air then crashed through the sundered ruin of a broken wall tumbling through a cloud of debris.

"You are nothing." the demoness sneered from the other room. Grasping the hilts of his chainswords Orpheus rose up again like a dark specter pointing both burnished tips of his swords at her renewing the challenge. "Chainswords are so quaint." she said mocking him as slowly levitated across the other room towards the opening that separated them.

"Imperial steel." Orpheus replied through gritted teeth. He struck a defensive position then transitioned into the open poise of the Gryphon. Moonlight glinted from the steel bits as they purred. Staring straight into his eyes the demoness came to a rest her bare feet touching the ground again. Her crimson skin seemed to pulsate as the tight muscles underneath flexed. She had set aside her whip and held the long Iron hilt of the Hellblade with both fists. "Your martial acumen is child’s play. I have fought for tens of thousands of years and am still undefeated. Look upon all your fallen brethren before you. What makes you special?" she taunted.

"Nothing lasts forever." The chainswords revved up again as Orpheus crashed through the opening. His swords struck one after another over and over gain. The demoness was confounded blocking each individual attack one at a time. Orpheus managed to spit a fresh juicy squirt of acid blood into one of her eyes but it did nothing other than dripping away.

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