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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Assassin - Part 35 - Final Genesis

Orpheus slowly stepped back away from his adversary to gather his strength holding both his chainswords up and crossed. His forearms burned and his biceps ached. Silently he mouthed an ancient vow to block out the pain. The demoness’ black eyes locked upon his face as she hissed and began to swing the Hellblade loping it with wild abandon at the Templar. Again and again the fractal edge of the warp spawned blade clashed against the chainswords. "You grow tired." she said. "I sense it. Make a prayer to your corpse god." Her filed fangs gleamed in the chill moonlight as she broke a wicked smile. "Finally you shall know peace you crave." The Hellblade struck up savagely driven by her mighty daemonic strength finally breaking through the crossed chainswords. Moving so fast she appeared as a blur to the Templar she drove the tip of the Hellblade like a spear puncturing his chest plate. Orpheus gasped.

Looking down she spotted something silver flashing underneath the rended armor. The Hellblade had cut straight through the plate then glanced off. Orpheus wore a suit of mail bonded at subatomic level and was impervious to the daemon weapons. Howling in frustration and great fits of rage the demoness threw aside the warp blade clutching at the Templar. Her hands clamped down like iron maws as she lifted him up above her head then immediately she brought him down hard smashing him into the stiff ground. Orpheus’ chainswords rattled uselessly against the stone tile. She released him and spun away turning to watch him lying there prone against the floor. "I will simply continue to pulverize your innards until you are dead." As the demoness reached down grasping at him again Orpheus rolled over revealing a bolt pistol. The barrel flashed as a psybolt ejected from the short muzzle striking her square in the arm. Exploding at the elbow her forearm disintegrated.

Holstering the bolt pistol Orpheus lifted himself back up again and in turn watched her intently as he grasped the hilts of his chainswords again. "Your arm won’t be regenerating back again anytime soon." He said.

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