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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Assassin - Part 33 - Final Genesis

The Marine crept through the ruins, each black gauntlet gripping a chainsword shackled to the wrist. A vid screen within his helmet displayed the most recent data captured by an auspex scan captured by the slain Techmarine... Traitors were close by. A crescent moon shone through a huge rent in the ceiling casting faint pearl light upon the debris. He froze beside the remains of a fallen statue, his black armor blending into the dark shadows. A pair of traitor Marines wearing dark red armor entered from the other side. Strips of flayed skin inked in forbidden script draped from their shoulder pads. One carried a plasma gun and the other gripped a large maul. They looked about slowly sweeping through the entire expanse, looking towards him for a moment but not seeming to notice. One pointed forward and they began to move again.

Brother Orpheus thumbed the activation runes bringing his chainswords to life and charged headlong from the frozen darkness to confront the enemy. The traitor carrying the plasma gun lifted it to fire but Morpheus was upon him driving his swords straight up into a hard cross catching his enemy by the throat. The metal teeth tore through the armor beheading the surprised Word Bearer. Toppling aside the helmet rolled upon the ground spilling fresh blood splattering upon the broken rubble. The other traitor reached for his bolt pistol but the chainswords struck his wrists cutting through the bone with a low growl. Orpheus finished him driving the chainswords through the Word Bearer’s chestplate simultaneously severing both hearts.

The Templar stood still to collect his thoughts looming over the dead traitors. He felt a stirring coming from close by and slowly advanced towards the sensation. He could see a pit of fire burning within a ring of stacked polished skulls piled one upon another through a rent leading into the adjacent section. The awful smell of burnt flesh began to fill the air as he stepped closer. A figure emerged from the flame looking towards him with pure black eyes filled with savage hate. Slick wet red blood covered the slim naked body rippling with corded taunt muscle. She stood tall shaking her flaming black hair back. Orpheus looked upon her as the daemonic image etched into his mind. One finely tapered hand carried a long Hellblade cut from ancient ore forged long ago. The other hand gripped a coiled tethered whip. Her nails were as black as her dead eyes. Many suits of broken black armor littered the ground randomly scattered around the daemonic pyre. Some of the armor was split open like broken egg shells while other pieces had been sundered apart.

"Champion." she said as she ran her tongue over her long sharp fangs. "I challenge you."

"Challenge accepted." answered the Templar.

The Avatar laughed "I have tasted many things. Your blood smells so sweet."

Orpheus frowned as he activated his chainswords again.

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