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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Assassin - Part 17 - Transition

Sensei watched silently as the Custodes began to approach him. One had a noticeable limp. The Telemon remained still not moving. Temple Guard began to fill the street forming a barrier between the golden warriors and their master. Some were armed with boltguns while others carried the traditional pole arm. Slowly the Custodes came to the end of the road standing face to face with the Temple Guard. Sensei spoke "What brings you here on this most festive of days?"

The limping Custodes answered "My name is Ra and we have been sent to speak with you. The Temple is needed." He spoke with a slight lisp. Ra removed his helmet revealing a deeply weathered face, the left side ruined by long twisting scars. A bionic orb had been fitted into the empty eye socket. His face split into a brief smile. Sensei could see that his teeth were mostly missing on the bad side.

Crossing pole arms the Temple Guard formed a bristling barrier. They stood as tall as the Custodes looking them squarely in the eye through their silvered visors. "Step back." commanded one of the Temple Guard. Ra immediately took a step back resting his Guardian Spear against his right shoulder. Again he smiled.

"May we step inside?"

Sensei placed his hands upon a weapon and lifted it away. "We are honored to receive you here." The Temple Guard stepped aside letting them follow their master into the Temple. "I am surprised you did let us know in advance you were coming here."

"It is best this way." said Ra. "This day forms a diversion."

Sensei lead them through the hallway to an open chamber. Temple Guard lined the walls all watching intently. The outer doors of the Temple closed automatically sealing off the small fortress. Bowing slightly Sensei stood in the center and motioned the Custodes forward. "The Temple is guarded. No one outside can here what we say. So tell me what it is you want."

Ra spread out his gauntlets placing his weapon up against the wall. "It is said you have mastered the technique of cloning far exceeding all others and it said you can transfer a being from their existing body to a clone."

The master breathed slowly. "Go on."

"Is it possible you can perform this process on our Master?" asked Ra.

Sensei continued to slowly breathe in and out. "You speak of the Master of Mankind, the Emperor?"

"Yes." said Ra.

"May I ask why you want this done?"

Ra spoke "There are doubts now to the loyalty of Guilliman. That should suffice to answer you."

"It can attempted but you will have to bring him here." replied Sensei.

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