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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Assassin - Part 15 - Conversation

The Sensei lead Paragon through the temple showing him various hidden rooms and sealed chambers filled with exotic weapons then some of their secret labs. He talked about their history since he had left so long ago. "Close to two millennia have passed since I last saw you my son." Sensei rested a hand on his shoulder looking up into his goggles. "Looking at you it seems you haven't aged one one bit in all that time. I know you are a super assassin designed to live much longer than normal but still you should have passed on a long time ago. As I said outside our temple I sense you have been enhanced somehow, made into something beyond our originally intended design. Can you tell me about it?"

Paragon gently brushed aside the hand. "What about yourself Sensei? You yourself should have died long ago too."

"We have created a process of perfect cloning here in our labs. My spiritual and psychic entities are transferred from one to another. In fact your own DNA structure is based upon my own helix but of course it was spliced with select others to make you into the ultimate assassin of all times and as I said before you are truly one of a kind my son. Never did I think I'd ever see you again once you departed from here." Sensei clasped his hands together forming a special sign of the Aquila. "Now will you tell me your secret?"

"It's rather hard to explain. I met a man who decided to share a gift of his with me. Suffice to say it has extended my life well beyond the norm." Paragon replied. "That's really all there is to it. Now I have another question for you. What were those daemons posing as children doing outside the temple?"

"Ah a good question which deserves a good answer. They are the pure essence of a certain Chaos God... I feel certain you must be aware of them now too... I wanted to capture this essence here so that it could be studied in great depth so we lured them here. Of course that's not possible now for the mean time since you drove them back to the warp but I understand you did it for all the right reasons." Sensei cracked his knuckles then continued. "Now we will simply have to lure some more of them." He smiled sagely showing his teeth again as he was wont to do when feeling in good humor. "I feel certain it's a sign that you have returned when you did. I'm sure you must have more questions as I said during our encounter outside. I suggest a meal while we talk."

Sensei lead Paragon back towards the main entrance of the temple then opened a hidden room. Inside was a dining facility. "Would you care for a spirit while our food is prepared for us?"

"It will have no effect on me." replied the assassin. "Water is fine." Paragon replied.

Opening a concealed cabinet the master pulled out a jug from a cooler and took an empty glass filling it to the top then handed it to Paragon. The assassin took s long sip. "Water is an essential element." Sensei said while he poured himself a glass as well. He then pressed a rune on the wall and table and two short benches slid out automatically from the interior. "Have a seat with me." he said then bowed. Both men sat down across the table from each other. "Do you actually need to eat now?"

"No it's not necessary but of course it's an old habit." said Paragon. He took another sip of water then set the glass aside. "I was told during my initial mission that my termination was planned following completion. Is that true?" he asked.

Sensei slowly rolled his eyes back and forth. "Of course not. Who told you that lie? Was it one of the Templars assigned as your escort?"

"It was the man who granted me immortality. I grew to trust him over the course of our time together and found him to be quite honest. I learned many things from him I was never told about here. Everything he said turned out to be true no matter how absurd it might have seemed."

"There could have been those that plotted your death but if that is actually the case I was never informed. The Lords of Terra and their agents are a secretive group indeed. I did fear for your life though. Your Mission was not an easy one. No not at all." Sensei clapped his hands twice then a robed servant appeared carrying a tray with covered dishes. "I have had your favorite meals prepared for you." The servant placed down the tray and removed the covers. One plate was piled high with steaming Udon noodles. Another revealed fresh vegetables. Taking a pair of long ivory chop sticks the master sampled some of the noodles then the ripe produce. "It's all organic which is quite hard to come by these days. Help yourself. I hope you enjoy your meal."

Slowly the pair began to eat and continued their conversation. "What has come of Terra? There must be much change since I was gone." said Paragon.

"Yes there has been plenty of change. In short the Imperium is now ruled by Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines. He is our new Emperor. A new breed of Space Marines has taken over many of the Space Marine Chapters. They are known as the Primaris. I have heard other lost Primarchs have returned as well but it's only a rumor for now. Our temple does not receive nearly as many requests for missions as we once did back at the time you were created. In fact I believe we are now shunned for the most part but we still have our ways and some still are in need of our services. Your return is most fortunate." Sensei smiled and his face looked young again for a brief moment."

"What has happened to the original Emperor?" Paragon asked.

"He still sits upon the Golden Throne and continues to light the Astronomicon. Truly he is more than ever a slave to his own devices now. Some say he is very close to his end. This is what I'm told."

"I have seen the Primaris." Paragon replied. They look almost identical to your Temple Guard in terms of size and strength. I think there's a link between them."

"Indeed." Sensei said. "You were always quite astute. Maybe they are the same. Guilliman too has his own secrets." Placing down the chop sticks the master then took a white cloth napkin and wiped his wizened lips. "Now I must attend to the celebrations. I have a suite prepared especially for you." He pointed over to the servant. "Shoudin will take you there. You can relax. I will return this evening once the celebrations have ended."

"Everything you ever told me I found to be true as well." said Paragon. "I still trust you master."

Sensei smiled again as he stood. "I am honored my son."

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