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Blood Vow

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Assassin - Part 16 - Celebration Day

Large crowds had gathered outside the assassins' Temple. The people were dressed in bright colors and wore their favorite clothes. Citizens from all walks of life made up the masses, high gender stood elbow to elbow with common folk. Vendors lined the streets serving various dishes and many types of different colored spirits. Fireworks exploded overhead and the crowds roared. A large troupe of mimes performed beneath the towering spires displaying their acrobatic skills to the amazement of all who watched. The mimes wore tights cut in swathes of black and white. More fireworks boomed overhead driving the crowds into a frenzy of mirth. Leaping to the top of the Temple entrance the lead mime did a hand stand then crouched down assuming the shape of a gargoyle. The crowd grew quite for a moment then the acrobat leapt back down leering at those closest. Her face was painted like a Harlequin with a bright red tear dripping from her left eye.

"Make way!" boomed a projected voice emanating from from a small cadre of golden warriors at the end of the main road leading to the Temple. They stood taller than even Space Marines and carried long guardian spears. Sensei immediately recognized the Custodes and stepped out from the crowd. The master bowed deeply then slowly righted himself. "It is truly an honor to have you here with us today." his deep voice carried along the length of the suddenly open path between him and the Custodes. There came a dull clanking sound then appeared a dreadnaught looming above his golden brethren. "Continue with the festival!" its voice droned into the crowds.

The mimes immediately sprang back to work again throwing a dizzying myriad of white rose petals into the crowd. People exclaimed in surprise as they touched the petals. They somersaulted through the people then one by one sprang up onto the close by rooftops. Bowing as one the troupe then disappeared.

"I hope you have enjoyed the performance." said Sensei. Everyone clapped and many cheered as another burst of fireworks touched the sky. "Follow your guides and they will take you to the next Temple. May your day be bright with never ending joy." Slowly the crowds began to dissipate until all that remained was the Custodes.

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