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Blood Vow

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 16 - Crimson Incursion

The horde of Bloodletters coalescing into real space were met with well trained bolter fire from the Custodes mutilating the first to appear. Prometheus pressed an ivory inlaid rune on the hilt of his sword. Just across from the daemonic portal a brilliant golden shimmer erupted in unison. Ten more Custodes materialized then lowered their Guardian Spears adding weight of fire with their built-in bolters as well. More and more Bloodletters appeared outnumbering the golden warriors by many. Prometheus brought up his shield and raised his sword. As one the fourteen Custodes charged into the crimson horde hacking and slashing with their melee weapons. The daemons howled as they counter charged pressing back against the sudden attack. Hellblades rang out as they struck against the golden armor. The cold dark warp growled as it spat out more daemons to replace those struck down. Newly emerged Bloodletters appeared shiny wet with crimson visceral coughing up bloody phlegm. The battle grew pitched as the Custodes hacked their way through the daemonic incursion cutting off the line between the warp and real space. One by one they cut down each daemon until none were left, just sticky remnants of dissipating ectoplasmic energy evaporating into nothingness.

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