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Saturday, December 10, 2016

30k vs 40k Batrep - Templars vs, Battle Sisters

Templars and Blood Angels vs. Sisters of Battle and Inquisition

Story Line

Inquisitor Coteaz of the Ordo Malleus learns of a secret rumor that during the long forgotten Heresy the Templars offered sanctuary to a Knight-Errant whom was formerly a Word Bearer. This is Heresy in the mind of Coteaz and he laments there's nothing in his power to right this wrong... word eventually gets out to Sigismund who has survived the Heresy intact and he is filled rage at this presumptuous attitude... plans are drawn forth and the long journey begins.

Time passes then one day Inquisitor Coteaz is informed by an unknown operative there's a place where the ever thin veil between space and time is rent there. If his forces arrive there at a fixed point in time it's quite possible they can travel back in time to engage the traitors - a righteous mission is then launched.

Deployment - Vanguard Strike

- Kill the Alien (3 VP)
Secondary Mission - First Strike - Slay the Warlord - Line Breaker

psychic powers
Divination - Misfortune - Prescience - Scryer's Gaze

Librarius - Emperor's Wrath - Null Zone - Veil of Time

Night Fight - Y

Templars & Blood Angels Strike Force (Heresy Era Strike Force)

Templars Age of Darkness

Sigismund (Master of Legion - Pride of the Legion) /Warlord

Knight-Errant - Jump Pack - Melta Bombs - Artificer Armor - Narcethium - Paragon Bolter - Level 2 Psyker

7x Templar Brethen - Combat Shields - 2x Plasma Pistol - Nuncio Vox
Champion - Master Crafted Power Gauntlet - Combat Shield
Land Raider Phobos - Extra Armor - Ceramite Plates - Auxiliary Drive

7x Terminator - 3x Storm Shield - Thunder Hammer - 3x Chain Fist - 3x Power Fist - 2x Combi Melta - Plasma Blaster
Sergeant - Storm Shield - Thunder Hammer

Apothecary - Power Sword

Blood Angels Allied Detachment

Chaplain (Consul) - Jump Pack - Infernus Pistol - Blade of Perdition - Refractor Field - Melta Bombs

Apothecary - Jump Pack - Power Sword

9x Assault Marine - Power Axe - Power Sword
Sergeant - Jump Pack - Combat Shield - Power Fist - Infernus Pistol

Leviathan Dreadnaught - Extra Armor - Ceramite Plates - Grav Flux Bomard - Phosphex Discharger - Meltagun - 2x Assault Cannon
Drop Pod

- Sigismund and Templar Apothecary join Templar Brethren in Land Raider Phobos
- Knight-Errant joins with Chaplain, second Apothecary and assault squad

Sisters of Battle & Inquisition Army List

Sisters of Battle Combined Arms Detachment

Uriah Jacobus /Warlord

Ministorum Priest
Litanies of Faith - War Hymns - Zealot

Rosarius - Mantle of Ophelia - The Passion - Stubborn

Repentia Squad
9x Sister Repentia
Mistress of Repentance

Battle Sister Squad
4x Battle Sister - 2x Heavy Flamer - Meltagun
Sister Superior - Melta Bombs

Battle Sister Squad
4x Battle Sister - 2x Heavy Flamer - Meltagun
Sister Superior - Melta Bombs

Dominion Squad
4x Dominion - 4x Meltagun
Veteran Dominion Superior - Combi-Melta

Dominion Squad
4x Dominion - 4x Meltagun
Veteran Dominion Superior - Combi-Melta

Avenger Strike Fighter
Avenger Bolt Cannon - Lascannon - 2x Hellfury Missile - Infrared Targeting



Inquisition Allied Detachment

Inquisitor Coteaz

4x Arco Flagellant
2x Crusader
3x Alcolyte - Boltgun
3x Servitor - Heavy Bolter
Land Raider Crusader (LRC)

Aegis Defense Line

Lord of War
Cerastus Knight-Castigator

Sisters Repentia, Ministorum Priest, Uriah Jacobus and Inquisitor Coteaz embark in the LRC first turn (didn't use the rule from the FAQ forbidding this tactic).


I won the roll to deploy and go first choosing to do so. I only deploy my Land Raider centrally and hold everything else in reserve.

The Inquisition opts to deploy their entire army except for the strike fighter. They deploy spread out across their battle zone. Both Exorcists are parked behind the Aegis Defense Line.

Sisters of Battle then seize the first turn.

: (

Scout Moves
Both Dominion squads scout straight towards my Land Raider to bring their melta to bore... it's okay though - I've got the ceramite armor.

Pre Game Analysis
Both armies have a Death Star unit and it's surely inevitable they will square off during the course of the game. I need to weaken the enemy Death Star as much as possible before they start to trade blows ! The Knight could be a problem but that's one of the reasons why I always bring along my ever trusty Levithan. My army is small and elite while my opponent has more of an MSU style army so that's to my advantage. My infantry is mostly composed of models with 2+ armor and I've got two Apothecaries which should help against the ever steady war of attrition. It should be a good fight for sure.

Turn 1 - Sisters of Battle
Both Repressors transports carrying the Dominions move 6". One squad disembarks. Both are in range of my Land Raider which is parked in terrain for a nice 3+ cover save. The enemy Death Star hops into the LRC and shuffles up a bit while the Knight moves towards the center of the table. The two Battle Sister squads remain embarked in their rhino APCs and move out onto one flank.

THE Sisters roll for the Faith to Ignore Cover - one melta Dominion squad is successful but not the other. They manage to strip one hull point from the Land Raider with a lucky 6 to glance followed by a failed cover save then both Exorcists combine focused fire to strip another hull point.

My opponent fails to score First Strike.

Turn 1 - Templars
The Leviathan comes in from reserve via dreadnaught drop pod and sticks his landing in a central ruin beside the Knight. The Leviathan wisely decides not to disembark.

Sigismund and his posse decide to not to disembark either.

The Leviathan misses the enemy LRC with its meltagun. Grav Flux Bombard fails to scratch the paint and the assault cannons both bounce... however the Land Raider drops 1 hull point on one of the Dominions' Repressor stunning it.

I also fail to score First Strike as well.

Turn - 2 Sisters of Battle
The strike fighter Avenger arrives from reserve plotting a central course over the battlefield.

The Knight-Castigator whiffs against the dreadnaught drop pod in the shooting phase. The Dominions strip another hull point from my Land Raider bringing it down to its last hull point. Luckily both the strike fighter and Exorcists are unable to bring it down.

The Knight-Castigator then charges the drop pod and explodes it for the first kill point of the game. The Leviathan emerges from the burning rumble ready to retaliate.

Turn 2 - Templars
The Blood Angels arrive deep striking beside one of the two Exorcists parked back on the far table edge but fail to inflict any damage with their inferno pistols.

Sigismund and his Templars disembark and wreck one of the Dominions' Repressor with a true shot from a plasma pistol. The Land Raider splits fire with its lascannons but the Knight- Castigator makes its shield save versus penetrating hit. The Leviathan glances the Knighg- Castigator with its meltagun and its assault cannons strip two more hull points.

The Leviathan then launches a charge into the Knight, both impact hits glance stripping 2 more hull points then explodes it striking First in melee and survives explosion intact.

Sigismund takes a wound from a meltagun during overwatch from a Dominion squad then the Sisters are all butchered on the charge.

Kill Point Tally:
Battle Sisters - 1
Templars - 3

Turn 3 - Battle Sisters
The Repentia Death Star lead by Coteaz and Jacobus disembark from LRC to charge Leviathan... it's going to get very bloody now !

THE LRC assault cannon manages to glances the Leviathan once, the surviving Dominions wreck my Land Raider and their Repressor drops a Templar. The Leviathan ignores 1 penetrating hit from an Exorcist and loses an assault cannon from other Exorcist (2 hull points left).

The Repentia charge my Leviathan - the Cannonness tanks two wounds then dies in the ensuing explosion when the Repentia destroy the walker.

Turn - 3 Templars
The terminators arrive from reserve deep striking towards the center of the battle field with minimal scatter and wreck a rhino APC with their plasma blaster.

The Knight-Errant successfully casts Veil of Time on the terminators.

The Blood Angels destroy both Exorcists in melee and Sigismund wrecks the second Repressor.

Kill Point Tally:
Battle Sisters - 3
Templars - 8

My Templars have scored almost three times as many kill points at mid point but those Sisters and Inquisition still have some tricksy tricks up their sleeves ...

Turn 4 - Battle Sisters
The Repentia Death Star hop back into LRC and my terminators shrug off all incoming fire power thanks to the amazing Veil of Time.

Turm 4 - Templars
I miscast Veil of Time on 5 dice rolling four 1s...

Suddenly the game changes just like that !

Sigismund wipes out the last Dominion squad in melee and the terminators wipe out a Battle Sisters squad.

Kill Point Tally:
Battle Sister - 3
Templars - 10

Turn 5 - Battle Sisters
This will be the last turn as it's dark outside now and we both have a long drive back home heading our separate ways.

The Repentia Death Star disembarks from their LRC to assault my terminators... could really use that sweet Veil of Time now ! :'(

My terminator sergeant issues a challenge accepted by Coteaz and they kill each other then my terminators are wiped out to the last man taking a couple Repentia with them.

Turn 5 - Templars
It's time for the big show down and Sigismund is ready to roll !!! He leads his Templars to within spitting range of the Repentia ready for some hot melee action.

The Knight-Errant successfully manages to casts Veil of Time on Sigismund's squad.

Sigismund and his battle brethren then charge the Repentia Death Star...

Sigismund kills the Minstorum Priest and score two unsaved wounds on Uriah. Only two Repentia survive and the Templar Brethren are wiped out to the last man even with re rolls for invulnerable saves and Feel No Pain.

The game ends with a win for the Templars via the primary objective plus bonus points for enemy characters he killed in challenges. Neither of us scored any of the tertiary objectives. Sigismund and Jacobus both decide to call it day... the ever annoying Coteaz has been vanquished once and for all.

Final Kill Point Tally:
Battle Sister - 5
Templars - 11

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