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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 15 - Crimson Incursion

The four remaining Custodes stepped back watching intently in silence as the huge body of the greater daemon slowly dissolved, disappearing from corporeal space. "I sense a discordance in the warp." said Prometheus.

"Vengeance for our betrayed brothers has been gained." replied the Custodes Aurexx.

"That is for certain but now we shall see what is the consequence." Prometheus said as he removed his conical helm. The Custodes had a long mane of silvery blonde hair pulled back into a long ponytail that spilled down his back. His weathered face was etched with a black tattoo of the double headed Aquila that criss crossed his brow.

Beyond the pentagram the fighting was still intense and the last wave of more drop pods burning fell from the sky. The magma had cooled turning to molten stone and seethed inside the deep archways. Bolter fire filled the air and they heard random war cries from both sides. There was a sudden shimmering and the atmosphere grew hazy as many tiny black points of light erupted from hidden space. Rents opened revealing the cold warp on the other side as daemonic bodies began to spill through the openings. The daemons quickly took solid shape brandishing long Hell blades and cried out as one hungry for death.

"It's an incursion." said Prometheus as replaced his helm hiding his scarred face.

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