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Blood Vow

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Someone asked me how I feel about Eldar ...

Sergeant Artemis of the Imperial Fists terminator squad dubbed the Joy Division looked up at the ceiling of the hangar inside the barge. Suspended upside down row upon row hung the still live bodies of the captured Eldar, their limbs bound cruelly tight cutting off circulation. They all hung from sharp hooks and some had been punctured through their ankles thin blood running down dripping into their nostrils causing some to gag. The dangling bodies listed slowly to the left as the barge entered an intertial gravity field. Artemis walked underneath them slowly row by row. Finally he came to a stop beneath a male with spiral tattoos across its face. He looked it in the eye and spat up into its face. "This one."

The servitors following behind their master and lifted their long hooked pikes. Carefully they disengaged a lock and the Eldar fell into the plated arms of Artemis. "Do you feel pain?" he asked speaking with a perfect Eldar pitch. The xenos gagged coughing up phlegm and blood simultaneously. "You were a Seer... I can feel it now." His armored gauntlets cradled the Farseer's skull lifting up his shoulders for a moment so he could breathe unimpeded then his fingers all locked together. Like a vise they slowly crushed its skull. Bits of brain matter and bone seeped out between the joints.

Artemis spoke to the rest amplifying his voice "This was an act of mercy. Crucify the rest."

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