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Sunday, August 07, 2016

30k Narrative Batrep - Rogal Dorn vs. Lorgar @ Calth

Imperial Fists vs. Word Bearers

The battle took place in an alternate time line... In this universe the Emperor sends Rogal Dorn with a secret strike force of elite Imperial Fists to drive out the Word Bearers on Calth. Sigismund is selected to lead a kill team of Templar Knights to aassinste Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers.

The Ultramarines are scattered, driven into small pockets of resistance fighting for their very survival. So intent upon finishing off their hated foe the Word Bearers are caught in an ambush by the newly arrived Imperial force... The trap is sprung.

"I have word that Guilliman is located on the surface with a small party of his Suzerain." said the lone Sorcerer. The psyker handed over a small augury scanner to Erebus. "See for yourself... I think Lorgar would be most interested to know."

The Chaplain studied the display carefully scrolling through the immediate coordinates. "I will let him know. You can go now."

Quickly the crimson sorcerer mounted his skyboard and was gone.

"Do you trust him?" asked Kryläng, a Word Bearers terminator assigned to the dark Chaplain.

"It's not a matter of trust now. This new information must be exploited."

-Dawn Assault-
Lorgar stalked the open ground surrounded by a large party of Gal Vorbak and an ancient Mhara Gal. Sensor arrays from a deep space probe had detected a cluster of Ultramarines just up ahead in a battered ruin. The remnants of a bright standard baring a golden Aquila fluttered in the wind.

Suddenly the ground began to quake as a deadly barrage of burning flame erupted from a huge Kyhbardis assault claw bearing down upon the traitors. Lorgar looked up just in time to see the angry yellow behemoth descend. A squad of Imperial Seekers broke from the ruins firing their bolters at full auto. The miniature rockets tore into the daemonic traitors exploding upon contact. Confusion reigned supreme for a moment then Lorgar gave the order to charge. Gal Vorbak broke into a blinding sprint beside him as they quickly closed the open ground. A few of the possessed were overcome by their fresh wounds falling to the side.

Mhara Gal the ancient clambered behind them giving cover fire with its plasma cannon then a swirling rocket appeared from the horizon tracing a short path towards the rear side of the daemonic dreadnaught. The missile struck true piercing the heavy armor. An explosion sounded as the ancient detonated spraying the surroundings with deadly burning shrapnel. An Imperial Xiphon Interceptor zoomed overhead then disappeared as it cut back up into the burning skies above.

The Seekers broke just as Lorgar and his daemonic retinue reached the ruin. Stepping back in unison they unleashed their plasma barrels at close range. Lorgar felt the burning plasma as it etched through his armor. Two more of the possessed were consumed by the super heated energies uncoiling around them. A howling came from behind and it sound like an angry Banshee... Rogal Dorn and a large squad of Templars clad in black Tartaros terminator armor sprang forth from the bowels of the Kyhbardis.

Lorgar surged ahead finally reaching the Seekers. They were slain in the blink of an eye as Gal Vorbak finished off the rest. Lorgar turned then just in time to see Dorn entering the ruins surrounded by his Templars baring huge black storm shields. Two of the terminators on either side of the phalanx unleashed their plasma blasters. Again Lorgar felt burning pain as the plasma washed over his armor.

Dorn issued his challenge and Lorgar immediately sent in the Dark Martyr. Dorn laughed as Sigismund emerged from behind the row of black shields. The black sword shone like ice as the edge of the blade chopped the possessed in twain. The champion was frenzied finishing off the attack shredding the last of the Gal Vorbak.

Pummeling blows descended upon Lorgar from all sides, suddenly surrounded.

"Take him alive!" ordered Dorn. "Lorgar shall not escape so easily with a quick death before atoning for his sins and atrocies against the Imperium."

Sigismund remembered the order given by the Emperor to slay the Word Bearers' Primarch but remained silent. Shackles were brought forth after Lorgar's armor had been stripped away from the traitor. The terminators then gagged him and fit a psychic dampener to his skull. All the while Dorn watched their work.

- Retreat -
Just as Dorn's party finished securing Lorgar inside their assault claw tracer rounds began to fill the sky. Several assault squads of Word Bearers and a host of Ashen Circle descended upon the drop site.

"They will not give up their Primarch without a fight." said Sigismund.

Mortar fire rained from afar blasting apart one the traitor assault squads in a cloud of blood. A black landraider broke into sight heading straight towards the fight. "Take him back to the battle barge." ordered Dorn. "Sigismund and I will remain here to hold them off until the reinforcements arrive." The assault claw began to hover then shot up into the red skies above. Side by side Dorn and his first Captain charged another Word Bearers assault squad quickly dispatching them. The Ashen Circle descended upon the two blazing them with their hand flamers.

As the landraider drew nearer a gigantic lumbering behemoth broke the horizon firing its ranged weapons. Energy beams and missiles glanced off the facing side of the tank as it reached full throttle racing towards the fight. Mortar fire rained again devasting another squad of traitor assault Marines. Dorn and Sigismund fought back to back slashing at the Ashen Circle. For each traitor struck down another took its place and the fight continued. Dorn grunted then spun about sweeping his huge chainsword in a circle cutting through one traitor after another. There was the slightest break in the line then the two leapt through running towards the landraider. One last salvo of mortar fire covered them incinerating the closest remaining traitor squad.

The front hatch of the landraider dropped open as the tank skid to a halt. Wasting no time Dorn and Sigismund scrambled inside and the landraider shot away. Stepping quickly over burning debris upon the battlefield the traitor Titan chased after the tank but it was not to be... The landraider crested over a steep hill then veered away into the deep valley below.

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