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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

30k Unit Analysis: The Malcador

For those of you unfamiliar with the Malcador it's a super heavy tank that can fielded as heavy support and in squadrons... This is very powerful since its both a great unit and it doesn't require you use your Lord of War slot. Super Heavies have the Invincible Behemoth rule which makes them very reliable since they can still shoot normally the next turn even after suffering a penetrating hit plus this is a fast vehicle as well so you can move 12" and still fire most of your weapons.

I think the optimal build is as follows:

Battle Cannon
Demolisher Cannon
Lascannon sponsons
Ceramite Armor
Flare Shield
Space Marine Crew (+1 BS)

That's a lot of firepower, each of which can target a separate enemy unit plus it's very survivable with the ceramite armor which nerfs ranged melta weapons and the flare shield which reduces the strength of enemy ranged weapons versus the front arc. Total points for this build clock in around 420 points which is a really good deal for what you get. I'm planning to add one for my Templars to use in big games (3000+ points).

I think the Malcador with this build is one of the most versatile tanks since its a super heavy and can fire each weapon at a different unit. The battle cannon and demolisher cannon are excellent anti infantry while the lascannons are solid anti armor. The Malcador is also a beautiful model as well... Definitely one of my favorites !

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