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Monday, November 09, 2015

+++ Ravenscar and Tau Codex Review +++

Part 1 - Ravenscar
This is a new army list that is a pure biker force with land speeder support. Space Marine bikers are the strongest units that Space Marines have to offer - by combining units from Ravenwing and the new White Scars you have the most powerful synergy and they offset each others' inherent weaknesses. The new rules for the White Scars Hunting Force and relics are a huge boost for the army helping to keep it at the top tier. This is a non psychic army relying upon its brute strength and speed to totally dominate.

The army is designed to crush Tau. The greater good just a whole lot of new tricks up their sleeve but they will still fall to fast skilled armies. Space Marine bikers have twin linked bolters which is a big deal versus T3.

This is a very tactical army but not a sledge hammer like Thunderdome which to be honest I'd never play. An army should require a certain modicum of skill to play if you want respect. If you want to cast Invisibility on an Imperial Knight squadron I have two things to say (1) you're a douche and (2) it's illegal.

++ White Scars - Hunting Force formation (999) ++

The Hunting Force has a special rule that allows every unit to re roll hits and to wound for three enemy units. This is extremely powerful. Units at least five strong get two Hammer of Wrath attacks per model.

+ HQ (250) +

Chapter Master (250)
Artificer Armor - Auspex - Power Fist - Space Marine Bike - The Shield Eternal

The following additional relics are selected from Chogoris:

Hunter's Eye - Chapter Master and his unit have Ignore Cover.

Wrath of the Heavens - Chapter Master's bike is upgraded to a jetbike. This is only 5 extra points over a bike and is very powerful for the Voltron end game.

Unit Type: Bike

Forego shooting to make an enemy unit within 12" reduce it's cover save by 1, untill the end of the phase. This does not count as choosing a target for his unit to shoot.

+ Elites (290) +

Command Squad (290)
Mount on Space Marine Bikes
Apothecary - Bolt Pistol - Chainsword - Narthecium
3x Veteran - Bolt Pistol - Grav-Gun - Melta Bombs - Storm Shield
Veteran - Grav-Gun - Melta Bombs - Storm Shield - Thunder Hammer

Note - The Eagle Banner grants the unit Furious Charge and Fleet. This is a really big deal as you should never ever fall short of a charge again plus S9 on the charge for Chapter Master means he will reliably eliminate tough enemy units such as Knights and Wraightknights now. It's a must take relic.

Unit Type: Bike

+ Troops (300) +

Bike Squad (150)
Biker Sergeant - Combi-Grav - Melta Bombs
2x Space Marine Biker
2x Space Marine Biker - Grav-Gun

Bike Squad (150)
Biker Sergeant - Combi-Grav - Melta Bombs
2x Space Marine Biker
2x Space Marine Biker - Grav-Gun

Unit Type: Bike

+ Fast Attack (159) +

Attack Bike Squad (100)
2x Attack Bike - Multi-Melta

Attack Bike: Unit Type: Bike

Scout Bike Squad (59)
2x Scout Biker
Scout Biker Sergeant - Melta Bombs

Unit Type: Bike

++ Dark Angels: Codex - Ravenwing Strike Force (885) ++

+ Fast Attack (410) +

Ravenwing Black Knights (205)
4x Black Knight - Bolt Pistol - Corvus Hammer - Plasma Talon
Huntmaster - Corvus Hammer - Melta Bomb

Ravenwing Black Knights (205)
4x Black Knight - Bolt Pistol - Corvus Hammer - Plasma Talon
Huntmaster - Corvus Hammer - Melta Bomb

Ravenwing Black Knight: Unit Type: Bike

++ Ravenwing Support Squadron (245) ++

Ravenwing Darkshroud (95) - Assault Cannon

Darkshroud: Unit Type: Fast, Skimmer

Ravenwing Land Speeders (225)

3x Ravenwing Land Speeder - 2x Heavy Bolter - Typhoon Missile Launcher

Ravenwing Land Speeder: Type:Fast, Skimmer

+ HQ (155) +

Interrogator-Chaplain (155) - Rosarius - Crozius Arcanum - Power Fist - Space Marine Bike

Interrogator-Chaplain: Unit Type: Bike
|WS:5|BS:5|S:4|T:5|W:3|I:5|A:3|Ld:10|Save:3+ / 4++|

++ Roster Rules ++

First Huntsman (Ravenwing Strike Force):
May reroll your roll on the Warlords Trait table.

Speed of the Raven (Ravenwing Strike Force):
On the first turn of the unit, units count as jinking if they moved flat-out or turbo-boosted. May fire their weapons normally in the following turn.

Strike as One (Ravenwing Strike Force):
All units in this Ravenwing Strike Force must be placed either in reserve or deployed as normal. When placed in reserve, all units automatically arrive in your 2nd turn.

Part 2 - Tau Codex Review
The greater good got lots of new tricks up their sleeve but to be honest I think they will have problems versus Daemons, Necrons, Khorne Daemonkin and Space Marines. A lot of people are jumping on the band wagon which is a big deal for eldar since Tau invalidate scatbikes and serpents - plus they can literally mow down Wraightknights too.

What I like best are the mobile ruins which I think are a big deal and will make Fire Warriors that much better. I don't think Tau got what they really needed for 7th edition to be able to dominate Maelstrõm missions. Most of their formations while overall really good require lots of points to field. I do like the new Stormsurge and think it's an awesome looking model !

GW obviously has a lot of love for Tau which is okay. It is one of those armies not written by Phil Kelly which is a good thing for everyone. I do wish they had made units such as the Coldstar more competitive. Oh well it is what it is and there is Forge World as a supplement.

Expect to see some batreps versus the new Tau !!!

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