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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The most important video batrep to date ...

This batrep demonstrates the internal balance playing 40k straight out of the rulebook ...

The following rule modifications exist in the ITC FAQ...

1) Nerf to Invisibility 

I remember this year at LVO knowing that there would be Lynxes. Invisibility has its place in the game with ranged D (even with nerfs). It is not only for deathstars. 

2) Limiting the number of psychic powers a psyker can cast per turn to their mastery level - this is a super nerf to things like seer council and librarius conclave. 

3) Re roll save is reduced to 4+/4++. This basically shuts down Ravenwing which is the best thing to come along for Dark Angel players in almost a decade. We know it is the intention of the development team because of the special rule for Ravenwing. 

Next up is a nerf super friends... There are lots of armies that people say are unfun - that is not necessarily a good basis and you will never make everybody help in this regard. The inclusion of SHW and GC in 40k greatly reigns in super friends - just watch the new Long War batrep pitting super friends versus an IK army and you will see.

Why let people tell you what you can and can't play ?

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