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Monday, October 12, 2015

BeakyCon5 Report • Aftermath

The power fist shown above was generously donated by Chris Anderson who unfortunately was unable to attend. This was his award he won at the ATC for best general, which we gave as part of the prize support for our own best general.

Day 1 1st Game Kill Shot !!!

There was lots of very cool and beautiful armies this year. the top three awards were for theme, best painted and best general.

The top ten for competitive ranking are as follows:

Eldar piloted by Shane Ragland finished in first place for the competitive track featuring three Wraithknights and lots of eldar jetbikes along with the jetbike seer council.

Second place for the competitive track went to Flyrantspam lead by Myles Aderhold who also won the award for the best Tyranid army. Myles and Shane ended up playing each twice since they finished in the top two spots for the competitive ranking going into the final round.

There were two beautiful Tyranid armies but unfortunately the player fielding the green swarm (Justin Pearson) had to leave after the first day was over.

The third ranked player for the competitive track was Jeff Cooper with his amazing pure Grey Knights army. Jeff beat some really tough armies only taking one loss throughout both days and won the award for Emperor's Shadows. In his final match versus eldar allied with dark eldar I thought he was going to be tabled but he managed to make one heck of an amazing comeback and secure the win !

Kolt Corey took the highly coveted award for best Space Marine army and there was quite a few Space Marine armies this year. Here is his beautiful Space Wolves...

Another great looking army was Aaron Couture's Sisters of Battle featuring two Inperial Knights and Coteaz. Aaron ended up the sixth rank player in the competitive track and also won award for best hobbyist.

The award for the best painted army went to Jordan Sorchevich with his stunning Khorne Daemonkin army featuring a Greater Brass Scorpion that was absolutely amazing !!! Jordan also finished in fourth place for the competive track as well.

Our top award went to Christian Adorno who was chosen by his peers as having the best theme for his high flying drop pod Blood Angels army. Chris' army was by far the most popular.

Here are some of the other armies...

Eric Beard's Salamanders

Tyler's Orks featuring a Stompa

Eric Moreno's Necrons

Jon Rusten's Deathwing

Kurt William's Necrons

Day 2 - Blood Angels versus Grey Knights

Day 2 - Blood Angels versus Salamanders

Day 2 - Marc Parker's Green Tide versus Myles' Flyrants

Day 2 - Jordan's Daemonkin Tactical Withdrawal from Shane's Eldar

This was personally my favorite BeakyCon and we are planning to hold next year's event at Darkside Comics in Sarasota again. A big thanks to Chris Winans for all his awesome support and also to Jason Cooley and Rich Moore for their time both days to fill in as ringers. I think the event overall was a big success and I appreciate all the positive feedback received on the survey.

I also want to mention the awesome support from Chip Boyd and how well Torrent of Fire handled the pairings and rankings.


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