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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Khorne Daemonkin ~2k army list

This is my new list.


Herald has Grimoire of True Names (GoTN) to boost Hounds' invulnerable save to 3++... This can be further boosted to 2++ via a relic for the Typhon and stabilizes their invulnerable save should a 1 or 2 be rolled when rolling for the book.

KDK Lord is either Eternal Warrior (Blood Forged Armor) or can quickly reach S10 (Goredrinker). I'm leaning towards Goredrinker for the killing power to take down super heavies and gargantuan monstrous creatures. A variant to this list is to take another Chaos Lord for the KDK CAD to have both Blood Forged Armor and Goredrinker.

Happy hunting !!!

+++ Khorne (1947) 3 Detachments +++

++ Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (Combined Arms Detachment) (702) ++

+ HQ (240) +

Chaos Lord (240)
Collar of Khorne - Goredrinker - CCW - Juggernaut of Khorne - Sigil of Corruption


The Blood-Forged Armour:
Confers a 3+ Armour save, Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior

|Strength:+1|AP:2|Type:Melee, Unwieldy, Blood Feast|

+ Troops (160) +

Bloodletters (80)
8x Bloodletter


Bloodletters (80)
8x Bloodletter


+ Fast Attack (272) +

Flesh Hounds (272)
17x Flesh Hound


Collar of Khorne:
A Unit containing 1 or more collar of Khorne adds +2 to all Deny the Witch rolls.

++ Chaos Space Marines: Crimson Slaughter (Combined Arms Detachment) (1035) ++

+ HQ (205) +

Chaos Lord (205)
Mark of Khorne - Daemonheart - Juggernaut of Khorne - Lightning Claw - Power Fist - Sigil of Corruption


Daemonheart confers a 2+ Armour Save and the It Will Not Die special rule.

+ Troops (360) +

Chaos Space Marines (138)
4x Chaos Space Marine - 4x Bolt Pistol/Boltgun/CC - Flamer
Aspiring Champion - Bolt Pistol - Boltgun - Power Axe
Chaos Rhino


Khorne Berzerkers (222)
7x Khorne Berzerker
Icon of Wrath
Berzerker Champion - Lightning Claw- Melta Bombs - Power Fist


+ Fast Attack (100) +

[FW] Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod (100)

+ Lord of War (370) +

Chaos Typhon (370)
Armoured Ceramite - Dreadhammer Siege Cannon

Dreadhammer Siege Cannon:
Range: 24"/48"|Strength:10|AP:1|
Type: Primary Weapon 1, Massive Blast (7"), Ignores Cover

++ Chaos Daemons: Codex (Allied Detachment) (240) ++

+ HQ (140) +

Daemonic Herald (140)
Herald of Khorne
Exalted Daemonic Reward (Grimiore of True Names) - Axe of Khorne - Juggernaut - Lesser Locus of Abjuration

Axe of Khorne:
|Strength:User|AP:2|Type:Melee, Decapitating Blow, Specialist Weapon|


+ Troops (100) +

Bloodletters of Khorne (100)
10x Bloodletter


++ Selection Rules ++

Dreadclaw Access Point:
One access point beneath the hull. In practice, models disembark at ground level within 2" of the hull

Blood Feast:
Keep a track of the casualties infliced by the Goredrinker. At the start of the controlling players turn, consult the chart in Codex: Khorne Daemonkin for what effects are bestowed upon the blade (effects are cumulative until model is lost or game ends).

Blood for the Blood God!:
A Khorne Daemonkin army generates Blood Tithe points that the player keeps track of (up to a max of 8 Tithes). These Blood Tithes are earned by:

1. A unit containing this rule either being completely destroyed, or completely destroying an enemy unit.
2. A Character with this rule is either slain, or slays an enemy character in a challenge.

At the start of the player turn, the player may choose to spend the Blood Tithes (Blood Tithe chart is found in Codex: Khorne Daemonkin). The remaining Blood Tithes are then lost as part of the purchase. The player may still continue to harvest Tithe after all purchases.

Crushing Weight:
The Typhon adds +1 to all rolls on the Thunderblitz table when ramming or tank shocking.

Decapitating Blow:
Any roll of a 6 on the to-wound chart confers Instant Death.

Dreadhammer range:
The Dreadhammer has a range of 24" if it has moved in the previous movement phase, and 48" if it has not moved.

Drop Pod Assault:
A Kharybdis or Dreadclaw, and any unit they should transport, must always be held in reserve and always enters play using the Deep Strike rules, and counts as a Drop Pod for the wider use of the Drop Pod Assault rule for the army (applies to both the Kharybdis and Dreadclaw).

Heat Blast:
When a model with this rule arrives via Deep Strike, or later when operating as a skimmer in Hover mode, it may if its controlling player wishes inflict a Heat Blast attack. If it does so, then models it is transporting may not disembark or embark on the turn this attack is used.

Heat Blast (Deep Strike):
Immediately after the model lands, measure a radius of 3"+D3" horizontally outwards from its main hull (do not count any landing struts, etc). All models caught in the blast suffer a Str 6 AP 5 hit with no cover saves. Vehicles are struck on their weakest Armour value. This is counted as a flamer-based attack.

Heat Blast (Fire Sweep):
If the controlling player wishes, any unit the model passes directly over (i.e., falls directly under its hull during its Movement phase) suffers D6 Str 5 AP 5 hits with no cover saves. Vehicles are struck on their weakest Armour value. This is counted as a flamer-based attack. Hits from this attack are distributed across a unit as the player suffering the attack wishes. Roll a D6 each time this attack is inflicted. On a result of a 1, the Drop Pod itself suffers a penetrating hit.

Dreadclaw Transport Capacity:
Can transport 10 models.

Rhino Transport Capacity: Rhino:
Can transport 10 models.

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