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Friday, May 30, 2014

Why super competitive tournament players are the worst thing for the game

Hi everyone !

I just read a mega page thread on a very popular 40k forum where the people posting explain what they want banned from the game and why they feel that way. Many of them were very honest and admitted they want to eliminate options that they feel will threaten them from winning. The discussion gets really CRAZY—nothing is sacred. I think there is lots of validity when you get down to the brass tacks at this level. On the flip side banning so many things cannot be a good thing. It is time to pony up and play seventh edition as intended.

Believe it or not Markerlights and Serpent Shields are at the top of the most hated list... Ignore Cover has been deemed the worst of all the most hated including Daemonology. Personally I'd add Hit and Run to the list since that would effectively nerf Jetseer Council (JSC) and BeaStar. I am playing currently BikeStar and am willing to take the hit. Some have suggested Ignore Cover should -2... Still sucks as a 4++ would be 6++. Only Tau and eldar can reliably ignore cover.

I have finally had the time to read all the rules and play some seventh edition games. All the gloom and doom is a bunch of crap. Figure it out for yourself. Question authority and think for yourself.

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