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Saturday, May 31, 2014

BeakyCon4 40k GT Announcement

BeakyCon4 registration will soon open. The first two weeks of registration will have a discounted cost for the entry fee ($50 versus $60). We can take up to 32 players. Here is the format:

W-L with 2nd day brackets (5 rounds)
Warmaster (best overall)
Emperor's Champion (2nd best overall)
Awards for best of race (e.g., Space Marines, Tyranids)
Best Army (chosen by staff)
Players' Choice (chosen by participants)

2000 points

Army List:
Primary detachment
Up to one allied detachment
Up to one formation
Stronghold Assault* - necessary to field fortifications
Dataslates (e.g., Belakkor) do not go towards these limits
Forge World 40k Approved

* limitations to be decided

A race cannot ally with itself unless there are official rules from GW stating otherwise.

This year Beaky dice will be Ultramarine blue. You will bring your own dice - anyone found to be using loaded dice will be immediately ejected from the tournament.

BeakyCon4 will held the first weekend in October at Anthem Games in Tampa, Florida.

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