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Thursday, May 22, 2014

RIP 6th edition Deathstars

Some of the more hated armies will soon either be illegal or no longer competitive with the very soon to release 7th edition... Game over !

O'Vesa Star - Independent characters no longer can join monstrous creatures

BeaStar, Jetseer Council & ScreamerStar - you can only cast a psychic power once per psychic phase so no one will invest a lot of points in a unit that cannot reliably get the 2+ re roll

There's not enough information yet to say whether or not Super Friends will still be viable... It depends on if USRs still transfer between Battle Brothers since Super Friends heavily relies upon Hit and Run to be effective. Prescience is now 2 warp charges but I don't think that is a show stopper.

WraithStar should still be viable since it does rely upon Battle Brothers or psychic powers.

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