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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Status report

I'm on travel all week and don't have much time for the hobby right now. Also a lot of my most currently used units are out to be painted on commission (three different painters actually) so I don't have access to either my beloved Nurgle or Sons of Horus.

BeakyCon3 is finally over now so I what to start focusing on building a 2000 Take All Comers (TAC) army list for the upcoming Crucible 4 GT scheduled for next February in Orlando. Forge World and double FOC are allowed so I've already got some good ideas and I'm pretty sure it'll be some type of Chaos army. This year I was the only player with five wins going into the final sixth round and then lost a very close game in a mirror match to an army very similar to my Necron - Grey Knight build. Ranking is done by battle points over your W-L record so I'm going to bring something that can really rack up the points.

Anyways I'll soon have some new exciting articles to share so keep an eye out for Terminus Est.

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