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Friday, October 18, 2013

2000 point Black Legion army list (Nurgle theme)

Here is a list I will take to a local RTT tomorrow. Note that a lot of my models are out on commission to be painted so I don't have access to a lot of my typical units.

Black Legion
Daemon Prince
- Daemon of Nurgle
- Boon of Mutation
- Wings
- Armor
- Level 3 Psyker
- Spell Familiar
- Skull of Ker'ngar (Eternal Warrior + Adamantium Will)

Chaos Lord
- Mark of Nurgle
- AoBF
- Terminator armor
- Palanquin

5x Plague Marine
- 2x meltagun
- VotLW

Land Raider
- Dirge Caster
- Dozer Blade
- Extra Armor

5x Plague Marine
- 2x Meltagun
- Dozer Blade

- Bale Flamer

- Bale Flamer

- Greater Loci
- Greater Reward
- Palanquin
- Level 1 Psyker

10x Plaguebearer

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