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Sunday, August 11, 2013

ATC wrap up

Wow this event was probably one of the most competitive I've ever attended... Lots and lots of heavy hitters from all over the country. This was not one of my better performances at a GT but my team did pretty good overall. I think based upon my experience I might redesign my Nurgle army list. I didn't have the chance to test it much prior to the GT. I did a lot better the second day with a few games under my belt. I love the theme and all the units in my Plaguewing list.

Here are my matches each round:

Day One
1) vs. Necrons - Gypsy Curse (my opponent won the award for best Necrons)
2) vs. Eldar - 19th Legion
3) vs. Daemons - Skul N Bonz
4) vs. Daemons - Cassus Beli

Day Two
5) vs. Chaos Space Marines w. allied Necrons - Front Armor 15
6) vs. Eldar - Blade & Bolter

Jwolf racked up quite an impressive record with five wins and one draw finishing as the 12th ranked player out of over 170. Remy Colin and Marc Tomlison also did very well too. Josh Conant had a couple of really big wins that helped to keep our team in the top half for the final standings.

A lot of the top gamers from around the country attended... No easy games for me - I had to play the top ranked Necron player in the first round. There were over 30 teams this year and the event was very well run. Hats off to Shane Grubb and his crew. I will definitely be back again next year. I enjoyed every game... Just wish my dice had been better the first two rounds. I really like everyone on my team and hope we can all play together again next year.

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