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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dark Angels - CORE

Hello everyone !!

I am just too busy with my new CSM and 30k to break out my Dark Angels but one thing I really like about the new codex is I can still use all of my existing units... That's really awesome for some people who have stuck it out with the hobby for a long time. Dark Angels finally got something good and it is about time.

I feel the same way about CSM too and just like it more right now. Lots of people are busy discussing which codex is better... I think they both are really great - you can't go wrong with either army. What a great start for sixth edition !

So I was playing around with the Dark Angels codex - my feeling is this is a super shooty army and it has the basic Deathwing to provide some serious muscle to suppress anything that gets too close for comfort.

Dark Angels Core List - Primary Detachment

If I were to play an army it would look a lot like this...

- HQ -
Azrael (he really makes the army tick in so many ways!)
Command squad w/ Salvo Banner

Level 2 Librarian - Divination (attached to a missile Dev squad; see below)

- Troops -
5x 5x Tactical Marine w/ missile launcher (less than 500 points total - crazy)

10x Deathwing terminator w/ 2x plasma cannon

- Heavy Support -
2x 5x Devastator w/ 3x missile launcher & lascannon
5x Devastator w/ 4x heavy bolter

(three more scoring units for Big Guns Never Tire... w00t !!)

- Fast Attack -
Points left over I'd spend on as many cheap land speeders as possible (more scoring units for The Scouring)... Probably some Typhoons for the mobile long range.

- Fortifications -
This is one army I would spend the points for an Aegis Defense Line with a quad gun (manned by Azrael attached to the Deathwing).

Point at your targets and roll lots of dice. The army is a direct throwback to MSU Space Marines... I can't wait to see the new Space Marine codex. This army can down knock most flyers since you can saturate them with lots of S8 fire power. It's only weakness I see is versus land raiders so that's why I added a few lascannons... Maybe a couple chainfists for the Deathwing.

Ravenwing Allied Detachment

If I were to field Dark Angels as an allied detachment I'd take Sammael on his jetbike, Ravenwing command squad and a full squad of bare bones Ravenwing Black Knights... Still need a troop.

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