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Saturday, January 12, 2013

40k Master Series Interview No. 2 • Dave Boucher, the Total Gamer

Hi all !!! Black Blow Fly here again.

This is the second in a series of five interviews I'm conducting to show case some of the top tournament gamers. I want to cover a wide spectrum and it's not all about army lists and tactics when you reach one of the top tables in a big tournament - sportsmanship and sincerity can be just as important.

My second interview is with Dave Boucher who is also another fellow member of the 40k Wrecking Crew. Dave is a family man first and not as active in the national GT circuit as other members of our club but he still gets out from time to time and has won some big events. I consider Dave to be a top sportsman. I like Dave as a 40k gamer because he can see the total picture and can look at things from angles others tend to miss. Often when I ask Dave for advice about building an army he will come  up with some great ideas i completely overlooked. Dave is also a total hobbyist which includes modeling, converting and painting.

Of all the people I've played in my club Dave is the only one who has consistently beat me and I have to respect that record. We've had some very close games but he has had at least one big win... Versus everyone else it's typically right down to the proverbial wire.

Dave lives in  the Colorado area where 40k is in full swing.

So let's go ahead and get started !

I'd first like to get your take on sixth edition and what it takes to win with the new rules. Sixth edition has proved to be a big change - we've got allies, flyers, the double Force Organization and Forgeworld seems to finally be gaining some universal acceptance now. What is your take on this edition?

6th edition is a refreshing change from 5th. 5th edition became stagnant and stale far quicker than 3rd or 4th edition. I find 6th edition to be fun, but it also seems to harken back to 4th edition by placing the emphasis on shooting and assault at different levels.

How do you feel about the use of double FOC and the inclusion of Forgeworld at major events?

The more types of events we have with different formats, rules, points, etc. the better.

In regards to Forge World how do you go about properly preparing for these units?

If I am going to an event that uses them then I just jump on the forums and see what people are saying to look out for. I don’t own any FW books, so I tend to go in blind.

Now let's talk about building a competitive army list... What's your criteria for selecting a race and how do you design a list?

The number one thing for me when selecting a race is the conversion potential. GW produces such amazing kits that it becomes harder and harder to make your army stand out. Once I figure out the theme for the conversions, I set about looking at a list that emphasizes this best. I do tend to stick to the “better” choices in a codex if I can.

What are your thoughts on  Internet meta lists versus lists specifically designed to beat them? Also how do you think sixth edition has affected the current meta?

Internet lists are great because they allow you to prepare for things. However, having said that, someone that only plays against them will find themselves in a bad situation at a national event playing against a top player using a more unorthodox list.

As for the meta, it has changed but with Dark Angels only now dropping we still have to wait to see how it develops.

Let's shift gears for a bit and discuss situations where you encounter a sticky situation regarding the rules... What's your advice on how to handle these types of awkward instances - what has worked best for you?

Confidence and a level head... Always approach it as a discussion, not an argument.

Have you ever had any experience with an opponent flat out cheating? If so how did you handle it?

A few times... In one case my opponent had drilled the 1 on a dice into a 3. I caught him rolling the dice on Abaddon. As soon as I discovered it I told him to remove Abaddon. He tried to argue that it was only 1 wound, to which I informed him he either remove Abaddon or forfeit the game... So he removed the model. Lesson is that you have to confront them - be stern and confident.

So back to the new edition again... What do you feel has had the biggest impact on the game so far?

So far it's flyers.  The mechanics are new and most of the anti-aircraft is very expensive. I’m sure this will change as more new codices are released.

What are the armies you currently consider the top three tiered armies now and why do you think so?

Necrons, Imperial Guard, and Space Wolves (plus Daemons too).

Necrons have benefitted the most from 6th edition. Their flyers are supreme, rapid fire is awesome, and so on.

IG are still IG and have some amazing assets in Manticores and Vendettas.

Space Wolves have some great things still - Grey Hunters, Rune Priests and Long Fangs. All have made a smooth transition into 6th edition.

Also do you think there is a number one army - if so then which one and why?

No. 6th edition is still too new.

What is your advice to players newer to the game that want to win big?

Practice. Not just winning and tactics, but your interaction with your opponent in game. This is more than just sportsmanship. You need to make people know you.
What is your favorite large event you attended and why was it?

Probably Adepticon... So much to do there that it could be your only event for the year and you will be satisfied.

It's time to start wrapping it up now. What do you consider to be the most competitive format for tournaments and why do you think so?

There is no such thing. Plain and simple.

Finally what is the one most important thing to you in regards to 40k?

Respect. You have to respect what everyone enjoys from the hobby and respect yourself. Go the extra distance in modeling and playing.

If there is anything else you'd like to discuss then please feel free to talk about it now. Thanks so much for your time.

It’s a game of toy soldiers.  Enjoy it as that.

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