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Sunday, December 30, 2012

WarGamesCon 2013

WargamesCon is back for its 5th year, bigger and better than ever.! Great, massive venue -  June 6th -9th at the Austin Renaissance. Be There!

Our new fancy hotel has triple the space, a full vendor hall, and hundreds of more tables.  Here’s a rundown on what to expect schedule wise for our biggest WargamesCon yet!

Friday June 7

Warhammer 40K and Fantasy Pairs Events

40K Mirror Match Tournament

Flames of War 1750pt Early War (1-day)

Warmachine 15pt Mangled Metal Tooth and Claw

Legend of 5 Rings Kotai

Saturday and Sunday June 8-9

Warhammer 40K 7-game GT

Warhammer Fantasy 5-game GT

Flames of War 1750pt Early War Nationals (2-day)

Warmachine: Steamroller Saturday and Pairs Sunday

Warhammer 40K Narrative Anti-Tournament

Legend of 5 Rings Kotai

So what’s new?

1850pts is the new black! - You heard that right, all the Warhammer 40000 GT games are now 1850pts with 6th Edition.  So start honing those lists, start to look into your crystal ball to predict the meta and get painting.

"40K Approved" Forgeworld IS IN!!! - You can use all your cool "40K Approved" resin toys in the GT and Team Events.  Its going to be a whole new warzone out there!

Massive Vendor Hall - That's right, with our new hotel, you can expect to see a full fledged vendor hall jam packed with all your favorite companies, and wargames suppliers.  We have some BIG NAMES coming, so watch this space...  More details to come.

Warmachine and Flames of War - Back in their three day all weekend event tracks. Flames of War will include the Early War Nationals Invitational, while Warmachine now includes after-hours "Up-All-Night" madness for the truly hardcore.  So all you fans come on down and spend the entire weekend with us!

Legend of 5 Rings Kotai - We're happy to have our first CCG event at WargamesCon, so come on down and enjoy the weekend event!

Warhammer Fantasy - Our Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament returns with 2500 points with 2.5 hour rounds.

Horus Heresy Narrative - Our Heresy Narrative tables will be bigger with more players per table. We are doing the Horus Heresy: Betrayal so grab your Forgeworld book, paint up your Legion and choose your side.  Look for loyalty, craven betrayal, and shifting allegiances.  Its gonna be an Apocalyptic blast - oh and don't forget about all the flyer, superheavy, and Titan goodness! 

The 40K Mirror Match is a concept so good, it had to return for its third year – if we all played the same list, who would win?  This year we’ve created a new Chaos Space Marine list (unveiled soon) that gives players a chance to find out who is the best with the new Codex on Friday.  Missions will be very simple, and the winner will be strictly determined by winning games.  This event is limited to 32 players, with everyone playing the first 4 games and the finals being for all the marbles.  So who REALLY is the WarMaster?

Texas sized Prizes! - YEE HAW! Look for all manner of Texas themed awards and prizes this year.  So all you cowboys and cowgirls get on your horse and head for Austin!

So head on over to the WarGamesCon page, and get registered.  We are aiming to make the Warhammer 40000 GT the largest single Tournament EVER, so get your tickets fast.  The first 300 registrants are guaranteed a collectible badge. Speaking of the Renaissance Hotel...

There are prizes awarded specifically for Renaissance Hotel guests and hotel bookings let us spend more money on prizes for YOU!  The Renaissance is one of the premiere hotels in Austin, with plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby (perfect if anyone wants to bring along the family). Book your room TODAY!

Also, tons of your favorite (or infamous) BoLS writers will be there to boot.  If you've ever wanted to match wits with Goatboy, get drunk with Brent, outplay Darkwynn, meet The Girl, or try to figure out who Bigred really is, what are you waiting for?  Don't miss the biggest summer wargaming bash in the country - come on down!

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