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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Some new units for my Khorne army

If you read my latest batrep it featured two new units in my 2000 point Khorne army list - a squad of Chaos Space Marines with the Mark of Khorne and also a Chaos Space Marine Daemon Prince. I'll discuss these here as well as using Chaos terminators.

Chaos Space Marine Squad
This unit is as follows:

6x Chaos Space Marine - Mark of Khorne, bolter/bolt pistol/chainsword, flamer, Icon of Wrath
Champion - lightning claw, power fist

I use them as a retinue for Kharn, hence the relatively small number... There is no reason not to run them in larger numbers if you happen to like this unit. They work very well with Kharn attached since he is fearless and has the Warlord trait Hatred Incarnate. The squad isn't any cheaper than Berserkers but they are obviously more versatile. They don't hit quite as hard as Berserkers in melee (WS4 versus WS5) but the boltguns and flamer can be quite handy versus hordes. Hatred helps a lot to make up for the difference in weapon skill though so you're not really losing much at all. I consider the icon a must take item now - it's a great assurance you'll have a successful charge. They ride in a land raider with a dirge caster so you don't have to worry about enemy Overwatch which is quite powerful as well.

Chaos Space Marine Daemon Prince
I run mine with the following options:

Khorne daemon (Rage and Furious Charge)
Power Armor
Wings (flying monstrous creature)
Axe of Blind Fury (+2S)

I borrowed this build from a friend who is also playing a Khorne army. The Prince can roll up to 13 S9 AP2 attacks on the charge...

5A base
+2A (Rage)
Up to +6A (daemon weapon)

The CSM Prince does not have Eternal Warrior but I feel the high number of attacks offset this only real weakness... For example he can easily drop a full squad of tactical Marines or even an enemy monstrous creature with Iron Arm (Biomancy) on the charge with a high roll for the daemon weapon. The Axe of Blinding Fury imposes a penalty of -1 WS but this is offset by the Prince's high weapon skill. He is not cheap but the Prince is really good and a major threat to any army.

Chaos Terminators
My current build is as follows:

2x terminator - pair of lightning claws
Terminator - power fist, combi melta
Champion - lightning claw, power fist
Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath

They are an alternative retinue for Kharn and you have the option to purchase a land raider as a dedicated transport. This is a dedicated melee unit and they can generate a reasonable number of AP2 attacks, especially when Kharn is attached to them. This is another costly unit but I have a lot of experience using elite melee units so the points is not a big concern for me and this is the type of unit I'd use in a larger game such as 2500 points.

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