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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Battle for the Eye of Terror One Day Campaign

Hi everyone !

This weekend I played in a one day campaign. The background for the campaign is that it takes place in the Eye of Terror - only Chaos armies can play. You can find all three missions here on the blog if you are interested - they were posted last month. Just so you know we only had enough time to play the first two missions. The third mission (Bridge of Sighs) will be played one day in the future.

Here is my 2500 point Khorne army list:

Note - Units shown clumped together are attached to each other and their transport (Tr) appears directly underneath each of these combined units.

Khorne Space Marines
• Kharn
• 6x Chaos Space Marine (Fallen Angels)- 5x bolter/bolt pistol/chainsword, flamer
Champion - bolter, lightning claw, power fist
- Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath
(Tr) Land raider - dozer blades, extra armor, dirge caster

• 7x Berzerker
Champion - lightning claw, power fist
- Veterans of the Long War, Icon of Wrath
(Tr) Land raider - dozer blades, extra armor, dirge caster

• Heldrake - bale flamer

Khorne Daemons
• Skulltaker - Juggernaught
• Herald of Khorne - Juggernaught, Unholy Might, Fury of Khorne, Blessing of the Blood God
• 4x Blood Crusher - Fury of Khorne

• 16x Bloodletter - Fury of Khorne

Black Legion
• Abbadon (Warlord - Black Crusader)
• 3x Chaos Terminator - 2x pair of lightning claws, combi-melta + power fist
Terminator Champion - lightning claw, power fist
- Mark of Khorne, Veterans of the Long War, Icon of Wrath
(Tr) Chaos Storm Eagle - daemonic possession, dirge csster, Reaper autocannon

My opponent played a pure Chaos daemon army pitting arch rivals Slaanesh and Tzeentch versus my Khorne army. Here is his army list:

Lord of Change - Master of Sorcery, Breath of Chaos

6x Flamer (Pyrocaster)
6x Flamer (Pyrocaster)

6x Fiends - Unholy Might

6x Screamer
6x Screamer

18x Seeker - Icon

18 Daemonettes - Icon
18x Daemonette - Icon

Soulgrinder - Tongue, Phlegm
Soukgrinder - Tongue, Phlegm
Soulgrinder - Tongue, Phlegm

The daemon army is highly mobile with a large body count compared to mine, overall has high initiative and lots of rending. To be honest the Slaaneshi units gave me a tougher matchup than the Tzneetch units. Dirge casters on my vehicles worked very well to shut down the Flamers so I could charge them without having to eat lots of templates on the way into those brawls.

I'll post the batrep for the first of two games this week.

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