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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mech is dead - long live infantry

Some crazy rumors are circulating on the Internet. If they are even close to true it sounds like in regards to vehicles with the exception of fliers that in some ways 6th edition will be a throw back to 4th edition. To me the interesting thing if all this pans out to be true vehicles will actually still be good but you'll want to either keep your squads behind them or beside them. Cover is supposedly taking a big hit so the rhino chassis will still be good at screening units - they will just need to be outside of them.

This is just speculation so don't think I'm trying to say this is definitely the way it will be. GW has started keeping a tight lid on their stuff and I've never been much on rumors. Like I said this is just my speculation on what I've read on the Internet. 6th edition could be released as early as June and to me that is very exciting indeed. I'm really looking forward to it. People can go crazy again.

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