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Sunday, April 29, 2012

40k State of Mind - What is and What is not

So you've got your top tier Internet list - it is totally tweaked and it is rolling everyone. You are a big scary monster - NOM NOM NOM !!! Good for you bro, I'm sure you've got lots of cool stories to tell.

I've been playing this game for a long time. My two all time favorite armies were 3rd edition Blood Angels and Emperor's Children - they were both top tier at the time. Emperor's Children to me were a lot like Grey Knights are now... I could never settle on one army list because they were so many great choices. Some of you veterans may remember the Siren Prince - a scary monster you could not shoot or assault. Some of you veterans might remember the old Doom Siren - that same monster always hit first in assault and it hit very very hard... Armies such as Tau had no defense. If you play 40k long enough you'll come to realize this is just the way it is. We can either whine about it or we can develop counter tactics. Top tier armies are the EZ WIN. I prefer a bit of a challenge now. We all like to whine but me, I like to win so I tend to focus on the counter tactics as whining doesn't win competitive games... It really doesn't.

I've always been an advocate of more boots on the ground. Armor is very strong in 5th edition but it can be beat. I have come to realize that the new Necrons are THE race that eats armor for breakfast. It is what it is and I think anyone who really understands this game knows what I'm saying. It is a big change to the meta - love it or hate it. If I was a mech kind of guy I could tell you why mech is still the king but I'm not that kind of guy. Everything changes. Only change is constant.

So like I said you've got your top tier army totally tweaked and you don't have any bubble gum. Good for you ! I was once just like you. I'd like to think I've moved onto a different level. I love to beat top tier armies with lesser races - that's what I'm all about now. Some people say I've posted fake batreps and that I choose to play easy games that favor me. The tournament season is in full swing now and I've got my sights aimed high. Maybe I'll have to eat some crow. I'm okay with that because I am prepared. It is what it is.

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