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Sunday, April 22, 2012

five games with Necrons

I have started playing my Necron army now and played in a local tournament yesterday (1000 points). I used this as an opportunity to test my Wraithwing concept. My games and results were as follows:

1) Dark Eldar - Draw
2) Imperial Guard - Win
3) Tau - Loss
4) Grey Knights - Win

The mission was always the same each round - Killpoints and Pitched Battle. The loss versus Tau was just bad luck - I deep struck my Destroyer Lord attached to Wraiths and they decided to wait until the last turn to show up - they mishapped by a hair on the table edge and were both destroyed. My opponent didn't kill any of my units and my 30 scarabs had just made contact with the Tau but the game only went four turns... Tau slowly moving backwards the whole game. Oh well what can you do? It was a disheartening moment - 40k can be that way sometimes.

After the tourney I got to play another 1000 point game versus my buddy's Tyranid army - lots and lots of gaunts... Scarabs ended up out NOM NOM the bugs which was hilarious in a weird way - they are simply golden in melee versus units that can't mass scale insta gib them.

Here was my list:

Destroyer Lord
—Res Orb
—Tachyon Arrow
—Mindshackle Scarab

6x Wraith
—4x Whip Coil

5x Warrior
5x Warrior

6x Scarab

3x Spyder
3x Spyder

I have always favored melee over shooting - this is my kind of army !! It's kind of funny because supposedly Necrons are a shooty army.

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