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Friday, April 29, 2011

My standard dark eldar list and why it works for me

Here is the core of my 2000 point list:

> Vect
> Succubus - haywire grenades, blast pistol & agonizer

I run Vect more because he is so much fun to play plus many opponents are afraid of him. He is a true powerhouse and worth his points though. The Succubus is a fantastic bargain and well worth the points - she can destroy many units in close combat when teamed up with her Wyches.

> Incubi w. Klaivex - Demiklaives
Raider: flickerfield, show prow

This unit is the bodyguard for Vect. You could replace the Incubi with a squad of Wyches but its nice to have the 3+ armor save for soaking wounds. My advice is don't let Vect stray far from his retinue... sure he is the man but he is still a fragile eldar at the end of the day so be careful with him !

> Trueborn (shard carbines, splinter cannon & blaster) w. Dracon - blast pistol & venom blade
Raider: flickerfield

This is the real core. I am very happy with my choices here...

> 8x Wych (hydra gauntlets* & haywire grenades) w. Hekatrix - blast pistol & agonizer
* Corrected - thanks to Shin40k : )
Raider: flickerfield, show prow & tormentor grenade launcher

> 9x Warrior (blaster & splinter cannon) w. Sybarite - splinter pistol & venom blade
Raider: flickerfield

> 9x Warrior (blaster & splinter cannon) w. Sybarite - splinter pistol & venom blade
Raider: flickerfield

I have not run into a problem yet where I did not have enough troops and three seems to be the perfect balance. Both Warriors and Wyches are very solid choices and can do a lot for your army. Note that I used to run Bloodbrides but lately decided to swap them for Wyches so I can upgrade one unit of Warriors to Trueborn. While Bloodbrides can be simply amazing the Wyches can still definitely get the job done.

Fast Attack
> 5x Reaver jetbike (2x melta lance) w. Arena Champion - venom blade

I go with the melta lances over cluster caltrops due to all the mech out there plus they come with blade vanes standard anyways. This squad is pretty much guaranteed to drop a landraider if you are patient... I always hold mine in reserve and it never ceases to catch my opponents offguard. They can turbo boost 36", are skilled riders and have the 6" jetbike assault move - definitely another solid unit. Mine have beat down genestealers in close combat (after blasting them with their splinter rifles of course)... yes they have combat drugs as well plus 2 base attacks and are T4. While they are not an assault unit sometimes you don't have a choice and that is important to remember.

Heavy Support
> Voidraven: flickerfield

> Voidraven: flickerfield

Everyone tells me to swap these for three Ravagers. Oh well they work just fine for me.

I feel that my army is very well rounded - lots of shooting and some strong close combat units as well. I am hoping that people will try out more modern builds instead of running the boring old pure Wych cult armies and MSU gunboat Kabalite armies.

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