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Monday, April 04, 2011

My favorite Adepticon ever (seriously)

I was not planning to play in the team tournament this year then at the last minute my friend Mike Walsh said some friends of his from North/South Carolina had a team mate drop out... Could I play on their pure Black Templar team? I thought about on said okay on Friday. Wow what a great time I had. Horton, Eric and EJ - three great guys for sure. We ended up in the top third and had a blast. I have never played Black Templars before and was amazed at what a solid army they are. The army lists were very tight. Designing a good list for the Adepticon team tournament is an art. All I had to do was show up and roll the dice. I had a bad day in the 40k championship so this unexpected event was a blessing indeed.

A big thanks to Horton, Eric and EJ. You are three very good sportsmen and good tacticians as well. Also a big thanks to all our opponents for great games. I didn't run across any TFGs the entire weekend which is a first for Adepticon. I would also like to thank all four of my opponents from the 40k championship. I got to play Ben Mohile with his webway portal of death dark eldar army... I certainly learned a lot about dark eldar in that game and that is one of the great things about playing in big tourneys.

I have to say congratulations to my club mates who won the 40k team tourney - Paul Murphy, Kenny Boucher, Rob Baer and Josh. Paul seemed very confident but not cocky at all. They were running a hybrid version of Blood Angels which I think is a good choice in a big tourney versus DoA since it's more forgiving. I'm still all about DoA though - one poor showing is not going to rock my world. Like I said it happens and there is nothing you can do about the dice - it's not worth getting bent.

Finally to Adam Tricola I had a good time watching the Nuggets|Lakers game with you in the bar. Also a shout out to Lorek and Monster Rain from Dakka Dakka... Nice to see ya there.


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